Best Portable AC Units for Medium Rooms - Cool Up to 350 Square Feet

livingThere's something very reassuring about "medium." Goldilocks knew it. Not too hot, not too cold. Not too hard, not too soft. Not too big, not too small. When we choose the medium value meal we feel virtuous for not going super-sized, but don't feel like we're skimping on our favorite foods either. And a medium toothbrush makes us feel like we're getting our teeth properly cleaned without damaging the enamel.

When it comes to room size, medium can be hard to pin down. It might be a large bedroom, or a small family room. It could be your home office or even a cozy studio apartment. It doesn't matter what purpose the room in question serves though - when it comes to cooling it's important to remember that "medium" has special needs, just like small and large rooms do.

What's the Best Portable AC for My Medium-Sized Room?

If you're trying to keep your medium-sized room cool, you're going to need a medium-sized portable air conditioner to do the job. The temptation, of course, is to go big - a little extra cold air never hurt, right?


While it is probably obvious that a too-small portable AC is not going to do the job of keeping your medium-sized room cool, choosing a unit that is too big is just as big a mistake. A too-large unit will cool the air in your room too fast. That might not seem like a problem but it is, because it means your AC will cycle on and off too quickly to properly condition the air - that is, it can't remove the humidity from the air. As a result, you'll end up feeling cold and clammy - not the cool, dry comfort that we expect our air conditioners to deliver.

For a full explanation of how to choose the right size portable AC, click here. In the meantime, we've got some great recommendations for cooling your medium sized room right here.

Kitchen Comfort

kitchen-cookingEveryone knows that kitchens get hot - the oven, stone and even the refrigerator contribute to raised temperatures that make even the idea of cooking unpleasant. But unless your budget allows you to dine out all the time, cook you must do. A portable air conditioner will help relieve the heat and make cooking a pleasure again, even in the hottest weather.

In order to make up for all that extra heat in the kitchen, it's recommended that you add 4,000 BTUs to the size-requirements to make up the difference. So for your 350 square foot kitchen (with attached breakfast nook!), you'll need a powerful air conditioner like the NewAir AC-14100E.

Besides having the super-sized strength to keep your kitchen at the ideal temperature, the best thing about this unit is that it's built with commercial-quality components, including a high-efficiency compressor that will be up to the demand of your busy kitchen.

Apartment Therapy

If you're an apartment dweller, your living area is probably comfortable but not huge. Space is at a premium, so you don't want an appliance that will take up a lot of room - either when you're using it or when it's time to store it away.

That's why an ultra compact portable air conditioner like the NewAir AC-10100E is a great choice for your cooling needs. Small in size, this unit perfectly powered to cool rooms between 300 and 350 square feet.
The best part is how easily mobile this unit is - when you're ready to go to bed, just roll the AC into your bedroom to sleep in comfort. Setup only takes five minutes, so there's no need to invest in multiple air conditioners to keep your home cool.

Office Haven

office-workingWhen you're hard at work, the last thing you want to worry about is getting overheated. Keeping comfortable is crucial to productivity for you and your employees.

But saving money is just as important for your business' bottom line. That's why the NewAir AC-10000E portable AC is a great choice to keep your office cool. This unit features an Energy Efficiency Rating of 11, which means it uses less energy to run and saves you money on your utility bills.

Whatever your medium-sized room needs, we can help you find the right portable air conditioning unit - call our cooling experts today!

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