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About NewAir

Founded in 2004, NewAir continues to be a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling products, as well as small home appliances such as ice makers, water dispensers, and humidifiers. Since the establishment of the company, NewAir's key objective has been to develop and manufacture superior products that will serve to meet the high demands of its customer base, and their research and development team works hard to offer the best in terms of quality and innovation.

NewAir also understands the needs of its customers, and they have built a solid reputation in the industry as a company who makes responsive customer service a priority - something consumers deserve from a supplier of high-quality home products.

Therefore, when you purchase a NewAir appliance, you can be assured that you will receive a quality, value-priced product backed by exceptional customer support.

NewAir Air Portable Air Conditioners

While window air conditioners are certainly an efficient way to keep cool, window installation may not be an option for some homes and apartments. In that case, portable air conditioners such as those from NewAir offer the convenience of easy installation and mobility. These types of units are the best way to cool a room or area without having to install a window mounted unit, and are very easy to clean and set up - simply use the included window kit to set up the exhaust out of any sized window, plug the unit in, and begin enjoying cooling comfort.

NewAir portable air conditioners offer convenient cooling at an affordable price and their units include additional features such as auto-evaporative technology, dehumidification, air filters to remove airborne pollutants, and even ionizers to attract large particles such as dust, dirt, and dander.

Patented Auto-Evaporative Technology
Most portable air conditioners on the market utilize water buckets that need to be emptied. However, NewAir portable air conditioners utilize auto-evaporative technology, which means there's no water bucket to empty. Instead, the collected moisture within the unit is recycled, used to cool the cooling coils, and then eliminated through the exhaust duct. This results in great efficiency and easy maintenance!

Built-In Dehumidifiers
Dehumidifiers lower the relative humidity of an area, and this is required in order to reduce the amount of water in the air. Reducing water content in the air thus prevents mold and fungus growth, and also lessens the potential for the expansion and warping of home furnishings.  In a sense, air conditioners such as NewAir portable air conditioners double as dehumidifiers, but the big difference is that the air in a dehumidifier first passes over a series of cooling coils (evaporator), then immediately over a set of heating coils (condenser), and back into the room as dryer air with its temperature elevated. Water that is condensed on the evaporator is caught in a drain pan and must be emptied.

On the other hand, in portable air conditioners, air passes over the cooling coils and then directly into the air. Water which is condensed on the evaporator in an AC runs through a duct to the outside of the window where it is splashed onto the condenser coils and evaporated into steam outside the house.

Therefore, portable air conditioners have the added convenience of acting as a dehumidifier!  Nonetheless, for especially humid climates, a separate dehumidifier function may be necessary, and NewAir portable air conditioners have these built right into the unit, allowing you to feel cool and comfortable without raising the ambient humidity levels.

NewAir portable air conditioners combine form and function into one unit, and their sleek and stylish designs are sure to compliment any d??cor.

Not only are NewAir portable air conditioners great for keeping you cool, many NewAir models also include features such as built-in heaters, dehumidifiers, and even air purifiers! NewAir designs high-quality air conditioning units that offer you the flexibility you need with the options you want. In turn, this eliminates the need for you to purchase several separate appliances in order to get the same functions found in a NewAir portable air conditioner.

NewAir Swamp Coolers

Swamp coolers, or evaporative coolers, cool the air using simple evaporation with a reliable air-moving system. Fresh air from the outside is pulled through moist pads where it is cooled by evaporation and circulated through a house or building by a large blower. When this happens, the temperature of the outside air can be lowered by as much as 30 degrees, and in areas where the climate is hot and dry, swamp coolers can efficiently provide comfort. In addition, swamp coolers are also popular because they are relatively inexpensive, use a quarter as much electricity as a standard air conditioner, are easy to maintain, and add a comfortable level of humidity to dry air.

NewAir evaporative coolers are not only a great way to stay cool, but they also offer exciting features such as built-in air purifiers, casters, and compact styling. All NewAir swamp coolers include built-in ionizers to attract and trap particles, and the NewAir AF-330and AF-350 also utilize carbon filters to adsorb pesky odors and dangerous chemicals. Casters are included with each NewAir evaporative cooler, therefore making it easy for you to transport the unit from room to room, and NewAir swamp coolers are compact and unobtrusive. As well, for added convenience, the NewAir AF-330 and the AF-350 cool the air with water cooling pads that never need to be replaced, saving you both money on maintenance costs and time.

NewAir Dehumidifiers

High humidity levels can cause hazardous mold and mildew to grow in homes, cause unsightly condensation, and even physical discomfort. Dehumidifiers can reduce the level of humidity in the air by drawing moist air over a refrigerated coil with a small fan. Since the saturation vapor pressure of water decreases with decreasing temperature, the water in the air condenses and drips into a collecting bucket, and out of the air you breathe. NewAir dehumidifiers are quiet and feature automatic shutoff settings that turn off the unit when the water is full. In addition, NewAir dehumidifiers are compact and portable, and models such as the ADS-400  can even be plugged into a car or truck for dehumidifying on the go!

Top Five Reasons to Purchase a NewAir Appliance:

1. Wide Product Selection:  Whether you need to cool your home or clean the air, NewAir has a variety of home appliances to suit every need and budget.

2. Affordable Prices:  NewAir is committed to designing and manufacturing the best home products that deliver performance, style, and price.

3. Multi-Functionality:  Many NewAir products such their portable air conditioners and swamp coolers are multi-functional, and include additional features such as built-in heaters and air purifiers. By purchasing a NewAir appliance, you can save space, time, and money.

4. Quality:  NewAir products are known in the industry for quality and dependability, and their products must adhere to strict quality control guidelines as established by their research and development team.

5. Customer Service:  NewAir places great focus on the customer, and they share their customers' passion for quality, affordability, and style. As such, when you choose a NewAir portable air conditioner, swamp cooler, or any other home appliance, you can rest assured that your purchase will be backed by a knowledgeable and responsive customer service team.