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About Soleus

Since its inception, Soleus Air has made it their goal to provide comfort in your home or office, and under different brands, consumers have trusted their products for years. Having now introduced their own line - Soleus Air - to the retail market, they have been consistently designing and manufacturing value-oriented products for many years. On the commercial side, leading HVAC contractors and builders know Soleus for their quality and reliability, and Soleus has grown to become the premier portable air conditioner supplier in the United States. Many of their portable air conditioners include unique features which have started exclusively on their products and then disseminated to other brands.

In addition, Soleus's research and development team is second to none, as they only offer the best in terms of quality and innovation. With an extensive product line including portable air conditioners, split air conditioners, window air conditioners, heaters, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, fans, party coolers, and wine coolers, Soleus products are incomparable.

Portable Air Conditioners at a Glance

Portable air conditioners work very similarly to the window unit you find in homes without central air conditioning, as they work by sucking hot air from homes and send it outside through a flexible tube that sticks in a slat that seals up your window. The unit then pumps a cool breeze back into your room to provide cooling comfort, and most portable air conditioners also carry the extra benefit of dehumidifying your air as well.

A portable air conditioner's ability to cool a room or home relies on its BTU rating, and as a general rule, portable air conditioners that use 12,000 BTUs per hour can usually cool a room measuring approximately 400 square feet. Because it may sometimes be impossible or impractical to install a standard air conditioner, portable air conditioners are especially popular, as they usually require very little install, arrive almost fully intact with wheels and handles, and can be moved from room to room as needed. In fact, portable air conditioners can also help supplement an inadequate or poorly-working central cooling system.

The Soleus Difference

Soleus has been producing value-oriented portable air conditioning units for many years and they have an extensive product offering. Soleus portable air conditioners, such as the KY-36, also include some of the following features:

Built-In Dehumidifiers
High humidity levels can affect both the body and home. Under conditions of high humidity, the evaporation of sweat from the skin is decreased, and the body's efforts to maintain an acceptable body temperature may be significantly impaired. In the home, high humidity can also allow mold to grow, as it makes it easier for molds to reproduce and appear virtually anywhere, and damaging whatever they grow upon.

Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, and the usual technique used to remove moisture is to condense the moisture onto a cold surface. Essentially, a dehumidifier is an air conditioner that has both hot and cold coils in a same unit. A fan draws the room's air over the cold coil of an air conditioner to condense moisture and the dry air passes through the hot coil to heat it back up to its original temperature. Therefore, in that sense, an air conditioner performs a similar function, as moisture entering a room is condensed onto an air conditioner's cold coils.

Every Soleus portable air conditioner, including models such as the LX-120 and PE2-07R-62, come with built-in dehumidifiers to regulate humidity levels and to keep you comfortable.

Heat Pump Technology
Heat pumps move heat from a low temperature heat source to a higher temperature heat sink, and they can be thought of as a heat engine that operates in reverse. In air conditioning, a heat pump usually refers to a refrigeration device that uses a reversing valve and optimized heat exchanges to reverse the direction of heat flow, and they most commonly draw heat from the air or from the ground.

The Soleus KY-36 and KY-34 portable air conditioners utilize advanced heat pump technology to provide more economical and energy efficient heating than other heating methods, which also makes them powerful enough to heat multiple rooms.

Thermostatically Controlled
Thermostats are temperature-sensitive switches that control either an air conditioning system or air conditioning unit. When the indoor temperature drops below or rises above the thermostat setting, the switch moves to the "on" position, and the portable air conditioner runs to cool (or warm) the air to your selected comfort setting. In its simplest form, a thermostat must be manually adjusted to change the indoor temperature.

Soleus portable air conditioners such as the KY-36, PE2-07R-62, and LX-140 include 24-hour programmable timers and thermostats to allow you to select your own personal comfort level, whether for heating or cooling.

Self-Evaporating Technology - No More Emptying Buckets!
Traditionally, all portable conditioners produce condensation as they are cooled, and this water is then contained in an internal water reservoir. When the portable air conditioner is turned off, the water is easily emptied into a drip pan, or you can gravity drain the portable air conditioner by connecting a hose to the connection on the reservoir.

Soleus, on the other hand, uses evaporative technology in many of their models to make maintenance easy. All portable air conditioners by Soleus utilize evaporative technology to allow the unit to recycle the collected moisture so that there is no water bucket to empty.

Top Five Reasons to Purchase a Soleus Portable Air Conditioner

1. Energy Efficient:  Soleus portable air conditioners are an economical way to cool any one particular room in your house. This is especially useful if you or your family spend large amounts of time in one room, as you can stay cool right where you are without having to cool the entire house.

2. Built-In Dehumidifiers:  All Soleus portable air conditioners include built-in dehumidifiers to help keep humidity levels low.

3. Multi-Functional:  Many Soleus portable air conditioners such as the KY-36, LX-140, and LX-120 are multi-functional units that combine air conditioners, dehumidifiers, fans, and/or heaters into one convenient unit.

4. Versatile:  Soleus portable air conditioners are ideal for areas such as homes, offices, and apartments, as well as outdoor rooms, workshops, cabins, and anywhere else where cooling may be a problem.

5. Affordable:  Soleus portable air conditioners are not only efficient and use advanced technology, but they are also affordable and value-priced.