Best Water Dispensers

Enjoy water with just a push of a button with a water cooler. Before making a purchasing decision, think about where you're going to place the water cooler; how many people are in your home or office; and whether you want a bottled or bottle-less model. See our list of best water dispensers here: 

Editor's Pick
Clover B14A
Clover B14AThe Clover B14A is a premium, professional-grade water dispenser that dispenses both hot and cold water. This is one of our best units and features an automatic hot water thermostat that keeps the hot water at 185° F at all times Click >>>
Best Bottle-less Unit
Clover D14A
Clover D14AForget about lugging around heavy bottles of water. The Clover D14A is a bottle-less water dispenser that connects directly into your water line. Also features hot water control switch and cold water thermostat. Click >>>