7 thoughts on “Help Neighbors Cool Down by Donating Air Conditioners

  1. Ya our town also donates fans, portable air conditioners, window air conditioners, etc. to families that need it. I work as a nurse, and I think its necessary because the heat can be life threatening especially for those who are already vulnerable. Elderly patients and small children come by our station often with heatstroke…if you’re fortunate enough to have proper air conditioning, consider helping out. I just finished delivering some window fans to the sweet older couple that lives next door, the poor things were disappointed by Target’s selection. Most of Target and Home Depot’s fan stocks had been depleted, so I helped them make their purchase online.

  2. I’m all about donating things – although I really haven’t ever thought about giving my air conditioner to the Salvation Army before.

  3. Of course you should donate your used air conditioner…just like a car or refridgerator. Always help others if you can help yourself!

  4. I agree, let’s help each! Someone please donate an air conditioner to me..heat wave today!