6 thoughts on “Reflections on the NewAir Wine Cooler

  1. Hi! Great article. Actually I’d never heard of New Air before, but seems like they know what they’re doing when it comes to wine coolers.

  2. I was looking all over the place for a wine cooler, but a lot of them just didn’t seem to fit the space or color scheme of the room. This one is great – it’s so compact! Thanks – and I’m impressed with the two temperature zones – I once saw a wine cooler cabinet with 3 zones but it looked overdone.

  3. Dual zone wine cooler? Didn’t realize before that you can have more than 1 temperature. Also, never considered the benefits of thermoelectric cooling…now I have to since I’m switching all my appliances to “green” machines. Thanks a lot.

  4. Great Post!! I know this is silly, but I honestly thought wine coolers referred only to the drink! Thank you very much for enlightening me!