7 thoughts on “Video Descriptions Help With Online Shopping for Portable ACs

  1. This type of evaporative cooling could be such an amazing alternative. i think it would feel better than the cold, dry air that conventional air conditioners emit. I use a portable air conditioner and a swamp cooler to supplement my AC. I try not to run my air conditioner, but I have the advantage of living near the coast to help me regulate my temperature.

  2. Why have you taken out my post? It was very useful information and i guarantee at least one person found it helpful unlike the rest of the comments on this website. I’ll post it again. Videos really are great at descriptions!

  3. Hello man do you do your own videos? That’s a pretty good way to sell not just portable AC or heaters, but vacuum cleaners, toasts, heck anything!

  4. I’ve never bought a portable air conditioner, heater, etc. online before. I might now though, some of your videos are pretty fun. Cheers.

  5. Gr eat idea- thanks for making the video descriptions! I also consider buying, but pictures can be misleading. LOL don’t know if “portable air conditioners” is going to be a major Hollywood blockbuster, but I still enjoyed getting to know what I was purchasing better!

  6. Saw the video for the air conditioner you put…interesting and helpful…thanks for that