Mine is Cooler than Yours: Built-In Ice MakersBuilt-In Ice Makers

The Different Types of Ice and Ice Makers

Importing hefty blocks of ice from a colder climate, most businesses and private residences had to have ice imported via a delivery service a little less than a century ago. Today, individuals still continue to pay the higher retail price for ice! Are you one of them? If you run a bar, restaurant, store or service - or perhaps your family exhibits a craving for frosty mixed drinks  - ice is a necessity of life.
Start making your own ice for only a fraction of the cost by investing in your own built-in ice maker today!

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Price Savings from Owning Built-In Ice makers

Consider the savings when owning your own built-in ice maker. The average retail price for a bag of ice will differ depending on which part of the country you live and the size of the bag of ice. However, according to Bag of Ice, Inc. on average a 20 pound bag of ice is going to set you back anywhere between $1.75 to a whopping $6.00!

The average price of making your own 20 pound lot of ice with a built-in ice maker is only .50 cents. Of course, that's only the bare price. You also need to factor in gas prices for your trip to the store, plus the value of your time and effort lugging 20 pound bags of ice from the store, car, and private or commercial residence. You do the math.

Built-In Ice Makers are Convenient

As noted, those magical trips to the grocery store are a waste of gas money, your time, your energy, and your health (the only association you want between chronic back pain and ice is the latter used as a treatment for the former). With a built-in ice maker installed in your business you will enjoy creating restaurant quality ice in impressive quantities without ever having to leave for the store.

Many ice makers offer ice variety. Choose between traditional cube ice and gourmet cube ice, ice nuggets, cracked ice, crushed ice, tube ice, flake ice, and round ice cubes - probably more variety than you even imagined! Built-in ice makers can be bought in any of these styles - for example, a flaker ice maker will only produce flaked ice - or will produce two or more types of ice cubes.

A built-in ice maker, also known as under counter ice makers or commercial ice makers, brings additional convenience in design. These types of ice making machines are specially engineered to easily hook-up to a water line for continuous ice making. This means no time-consuming tank refilling. Also, the designs are compact and short, specifically for placement in small kitchens underneath counters. This hides the machine from customers while providing you addition space to work.

Quantity and Quality with Built-In Ice Makers

Built-in ice makers produce a much larger quantity of ice versus a freezer, ice tray, or portable ice maker. For this reason, owning a built-in ice maker at a restaurant (you must keep your customers supplied with ice cold drinks at all times), grocery store (required mainly in fresh sea food and meat counters), bar or nightclub (an impossible operation without ice), and educational facility just makes common sense.

Create quantities of ice in your ice maker between 5 pounds to 900 pounds! The options are versatile to suite your specific daily and potential needs. Your commercial under counter ice maker is a safe investment. With proper care and maintenance, your built-in ice maker is looking at around 20 years of profession, reliable service to you. Maintenance costs are low and inspections can be performed on a yearly basis.

Below is a handy guide to built-in ice maker types for each business setting.

Built-In Ice Makers Guide

Traditional Ice Cubes

  • Supermarket counters
  • Hotels and motels
  • Convenience stores
  • Nightclubs
  • Bars
  • Correctional facilities
  • Military bases
  • Healthcare settings
  • Educational facilities

Gourmet Ice Cubes/Rounded Ice Cubes

  • Restaurants
  • Spas
  • Leisure establishments
  • Nail and hair salons
  • Athletic clubs
  • Residential entertaining

Crushed Ice/ Flaked Ice

  • Lunch trucks
  • Ports
  • Marinas
  • Fishing boats
  • Laboratories
  • University facilities
  • Emergency rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Farmers' markets
  • Fish and meat markets
  • Butcher shops

Ice Nugget/ Ice Tubes

  • Commercial businesses
  • Cafeterias
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Agriculture
  • Professional sports venues
  • Ice cream or drinks vending

Environmental Impact of Built-In Ice MakersBuilt-In Ice Makers

Owning your own built-in ice maker is not only cost effective and convenient to you, it also indirectly benefits the green movement. By creating your own ice in-house you eliminate the carbon footprint from plastic ice bag manufacturing, as well as the environmental costs of shipping heavy loads while keeping each shipment at appropriate ambient temperatures.

Under counter ice makers leave only a small carbon footprint behind and because many have integrated filters, the ice received is fresher, cleaner, and tastes better to the consumer. It has been shown that personal ice making leaves behind approximately 15 percent of the usual carbon footprint of the traditional retail ice supply industry. The difference is startling.

Refrigeration is unnecessary since the ice is kept cool inside an insulated chamber. Plastic bags are obsolete. That's a huge difference for you and the planet! The benefits of built-in ice making far outweigh the initial costs of obtaining your ice machine for many years to come.

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