Fight Dry Summer Skin with a Cool Mist Humidifier

Cool Mist Humidifiers to Moisturize Your Skin

aloeleafWhen people think of humidifiers, they often consider using them for serious health concerns, such as sinusitis, colds, coughs, or headaches. While all these uses are obvious, there are also hidden beauty benefits to using a humidifier. We bet you didn't consider using a cool mist humidifier to moisturize your skin, did you?

Well, here's a little bit about this little known beauty secret.

Signs You Have Dehydrated Skin

Most of us have the occasional chapped lip or dry elbow, but there are signs that your body puts out to tell you you're dehydrated. Dehydration is a serious issue and you don't have to be lost and wandering in the desert for it to happen to you.

Signs that you're dehydrated are often shown on your skin, since that's as far outside your body can say, "Hey, I'm thirsty!"

Here are some big warnings:










While dry skin is usually a temporary problem lasting for a few days or weeks, it can transform into a severe, long-term condition. As you can see, the presence of consistently dry, chapped lips or itchy, flaky skin is an important indication of two things. First, that your body is dehydrated. And second, that there is not enough humidity in your home.

Summer Skin Care Inside

To get great summer skin you have to start from the inside-out. Begin by drinking plenty of water, recommended at 2 liters (or just over 8 cups) per day. Remember this can be gained through other beverages, too, although water is the most beneficial as it has no added fats or sugars.

Avoid smoking and exercise aerobically at least four time a week (as you can see, great skin care goes hand-in-hand with living well in general - a double win!). Try not to eat too many concentrated sweets as these lead to blocked pores and nasal membranes (causing inflamed sinuses).

Summer Skin Care Outside

Now we come to the part you've been really waiting for -  how cool mist humidifiers help your skin health! In addition to applying copious amounts of moisturizer and sun block to your face and body, use a humidifier to gain and keep additional moisture in your body.

Skin is covered by sebum, a natural oil produced by your sebaceous glands. When the air is dry, this oil is stripped away through various avenues and your skin loses its protection. Using a cool mist humidifier helps your skin regain lost moisture and restore sebum.

Breathing dry air can also bring a whole range of unwanted effects, from sinus infections to rashes!  In general, low humidity causes dry skin. When hot, dry air comes into contact with your skin for prolonged periods of time it exacerbates itching and flaking. Extremely dry air, hot or cold, actually enhances evaporation of moisture from your skin and body.

Having a portable home cool mist humidifier (that you can carry from room to room) adds moisture to indoor air. This in turn moisturizes your skin - almost like having a magical bottle of re-applying lotions on hand 24-7!

What is a Cool Mist Humidifier?

There are two basic types of cool mist humidifiers currently on the market, these include: randomhumidifier

  • Ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers
  • Impeller cool mist humidifiers

An ultrasonic cool mist humidifier works by producing a cool mist using ultrasonic vibration (sounds cool, right?). Impeller cool mist humidifiers work with a rotating disk to break up water into tiny droplets that enter the rooms as mist. Pretty simple, but with many intricate heath benefits.

Humidity is all about water vapor, or moisture, in the air. The amount varies during different seasons, but low humidity can occur at just about any time. Keeping relative humidity between 30 to 50 percent ensures you a healthy body and skin. Humidifiers simply adjust the level of water vapor.

Hot or Cold Steam: Which is Best?

To begin with, when the summer months come the last thing you want to do is create a sauna in  your living room while the sun blazes outside. So for summer skin care a cool mist humidifier is just a practical choice. However, if we wanted to go a little further into why choosing a cool mist humidifier is best, here are some reasons:

  • Safety
  • Better around children
  • Low energy costs
  • Built-in antibacterial features
  • Portable designs
  • Keeps pores closed and clean

For households with children or pets, choosing a cool mist humidifier can be a life-saving decision. Humidifiers that use steam obviously have to boil the water first, causing it to become incredibly hot to the touch. Also, it's very dangerous to move a warm mist humidifier without risking hot water burns.

As for your skin, cool mist humidifiers do not cause your pores to open up and sweat. This means that you effectively stay cool, keeping pores closed and safe from bacteria or dirt from entering. In addition, consider how much better you look and feel after a good night's rest. With itchy skin, coughs, or sinus infections you're sure to suffer throughout the night.

A cool mist humidifier brings comfort and beauty to your outside, as well as inside! Clear nasal passages, less headaches, smoother skin, healthier pores, and better breathing - what more could you ask for from a cool mist humidifier?

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