Dayton U37 Portable Electric Convection Heater With Overheat Protection
Offers Thermal Safety Switch for Added Security and a 72" Cord for Mobility


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Dayton U37 Electric Heater
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The Dayton U37 portable electric convection heater can provide gentle and effective heat to thoroughly warm you. With two distinct heat settings, you can decide the amount of heat that you need to keep you and your loved ones warm during those cold months.  For optimal use try using it in areas or rooms that are under 200 square feet.

The U37 sports heavy-duty 20-gauge steel construction offers a sturdy and dynamic heating experience. This compact heater is also lightweight and built so you can place it where you need it the most.  Convection heat is well known to provide  natural and gentler heat. It has the ability to provide well over 5,000 BTU's of heat  so you know you will keep warm during the cold months.  The overheat protection provides safety and piece of mind. Purchase the Dayton U37 for reliable heating today!


  • Model: U37
  • Product Type: Electric Heater
  • Product Dimensions: 5.50" x 4.25" x 6.00"
  • Product Weight: 4.87 lbs.
  • Product Color: Black
  • Application: Provides heating for your personal space
  • Type: Space Heater
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Coverage Area: 150 square feet
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Watts: 1500 watts
  • Amps: 12.5 amps
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Heating Capacity: 5000 BTUs
  • Heating Method: Convection, Fan-Forced
  • Number of Heat Settings: 2
  • Fan Only Function: Yes
  • Built-In Thermostat: Yes
  • Thermostat Type: Dial
  • Automatic Shut-Off: Yes
  • Tip Over Switch: No
  • Power Indicator Light: Yes
  • Carrying Handle: Yes
  • Oscillation: No
  • Remote Control: No
  • Timer: No
  • Filter: No
  • Air Purification: No
  • Automatic Temperature Control: No
  • LCD Screen: No
  • Touch Screen: No
  • Wall Mountable: No


  • Extremely portable to take anywhere
  • Fan-forced heating distributes heat faster
  • Heavy-duty 20 gauge steel construction makes it very sturdy
  • Over 5000 BTU's to heat extremely effectively
  • Two power settings lets you choose how much power you need

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Real Customer Testimonials

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Name: JW
Date: 03/05/2012
Location: San Francisco, CA
Overall Rating:

Review Title: A Great Little Heater
Comments: We purchased this heater after researching a number of heaters to replace our beloved, elderly bathroom heater, which finally conked out. We were looking specifically for a heater of all-metal construction. This Dayton heater is exactly what we needed. It is all-metal, well-constructed, durable, quiet, reliable and effective. It heats our bathroom quickly and quietly. We like the 2-modes, lo and hi, and find we really do not have to turn it up very high at all to get the level of heating we need. It's easy to clean off the lint and dust that collect on it from the air. It's small - no bigger than necessary, and it sits out of the way, and very solidly and squarely on the floor, so we do not have to worry about it tipping over. All in all, well worth the money spent!
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: bigdaddy75
Date: 11/09/2010
Location: Bonney Lake, WA
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Great Little Heater
Comments: This is a well made compact space heater. I put it in a small room and it heated it up almost immediately. I had to keep lowering the thermostat on the heater because it put out so much heat. It's a solid product that I would recommend to anyone that needs a quality small heater.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: alteredwalter
Date: 11/07/2010
Location: Detour Village, MI
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Perfect little guy.
Comments: I first bought this heater to make an inexpensive engine pre-heater for my airplane. We get 15-25 below zero weather here so I needed something small and rugged with substantial output. I never built the engine heater but now use this in about a 250 sq. ft. upstairs bedroom in a house that I maintain at 45 degrees in the winter to save on heating cost. I get good temperature rise with the bedroom door closed where I sit and work on the computer for hours. It does the job well. The typical person might want to go with something in about the 3,000 btu range to ensure they have more than enough heat and stay at the lower setting. Just make sure you buy a Dayton. They are well built and worth every penny spent.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: Piano Doctor
Date: 10/14/2010
Location: Pikesville, MD
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Doctor Ray
Comments: This Dayton U37 is awesome, as a matter of fact, I have 2 of them, one in my bedroom and one in my piano shop. Each of them is connected to a Lux pro PSP 300 line voltage thermostat which allows me to set the heater to an exact temperature such as 70 71 72 etc. Yes! It's small but don't let the small size fool you by no means. This, my friends is one power packed little work horse of a heater.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: dblr2111
Date: 03/01/2010
Location: Altoona, IA
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Not very good
Comments: The fan won't turn on all the time and doesn't seem to heat the room up well.
Recommend to Friend: No
Name: Greg
Date: 02/18/2010
Location: Byron Center, Mi.
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Satisfied customer
Comments: I use it in my garage workspace and bring it up to temp with my propane and shut it down. The Dayton only looses 4-5 degrees temp over the next few hours. Much cheaper than propane and much quieter. Well worth the dollars spent for the unit.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: R. Tuggle
Date: 03/16/2009
Location: Daffney, SC
Overall Rating:

Comments: I chose the U37 to heat just 2 rooms in the morning getting ready for work instead of heating all the rooms, like I do on my days off. Also, to help lower my electric bill. When I first looked at it I thought it was too small to heat the bathroom let alone the bedroom too. Boy was I surprised. It is heavy duty, well built and made to last. Quality construction. I would recommend it to help my friends save money instead of giving it to the utility company; we can spend it on our outings together.
Name: M. Wesphal
Date: 09/09/2008
Location: Aurora, IL
Overall Rating:

Comments: I purchased an electric space heater. I am very impressed with how quickly it heats and its other features. I already mentioned it to one of my co-workers and she purchased the same unit.
Name: J. Drew
Date: 12/19/2006
Location: Lewistown, MT
Overall Rating:

Comments: I needed a reliable space heater for my house. This little puppy works great. Very reliable heat. It actually heats up my living room. I am using this Dayton instead of my gas fireplace. I was shocked on how small it was but it is mighty.