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Did you know that excess humidity can damage your home and possessions and even promote mold and mildew growth? Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture and can help maintain indoor humidity at your desired level. Look for the following features when shopping for a dehumidifier:

Easy to Read Controls
Dehumidifiers usually have electronic or digital controls. Electronic controls will usually allow you to select a level of humidity (normal, dry, etc.) while digital controls let you program a specific humidity level.

Sufficient Tank Capacity
If you're using the dehumidifier in a closet, you may not need a full sized unit. However, if you need to regulate moisture levels in larger areas such as individual rooms or even basements and crawl spaces, you should purchase the largest capacity unit you can afford. Dehumidifiers with larger tanks will work faster and more efficiently than smaller models.

Rolling Casters
Although portable dehumidifiers can be moved, some of the larger basement dehumidifiers can be heavy. Look for one that has casters or wheels for maneuverability.

Air Filters
Most dehumidifiers will have some sort of air filter that serves to eliminate large particles from your air. To make maintenance easy, choose a model with a washable air filter.

Hose Connection
Models with a hose connection allow you to divert condensed water directly to a sump pump or floor drain. This means you won't have to constantly empty buckets, so it's great if you want to use the dehumidifier in an area that's unattended.