Are Evaporative Coolers Safe?

Protect Your Health and the Environment

6621-16mIf you research portable evaporative coolers online, you will find a slew of conflicting theories. You may be curious if they are better or worse for your health. Are they safe? Do they harm the environment? Or maybe you're just curious if an evaporative cooler will save you money. It certainly doesn't help the evaporative cooler's image that its nickname is "swamp" cooler!

Read on to discover the real answers.

Do Evaporative Coolers Hurt My Health?

Is your evaporative cooler slowly killing you? You'll be happy to hear that the answer is no. The common misconception here is that because these kinds of coolers essentially use a giant "sponge" to pass air through and cool, it is spreading unhealthy microbes and molds throughout the house. After all, you can't have evaporative cooling without passing warm air through a wet pad; thus, air is cooled through evaporation.

In reality, that sponge is actually a large filter. Yes, the filter is saturated with water, but it traps and filters out the dust, dander, and microscopic bugs the same way other filters do. And yes, this could be potentially dangerous, but the filters are also designed to be washable so you can clean house when needed!

Thankfully evaporative air coolers don't harm human health. Rather, you'll be pleased to hear, that they actually do a lot of good.

9540-6mEvaporative Cooling and Good Health

These machines actually do their part to contribute to your good health. An evaporative cooler cleans the air as it cools with that giant filter we just discussed. It catches allergens that make life for asthmatics and allergy sufferers a living nightmare. This is opposite a central air conditioning system, which collects dirt and dust before blowing it over your entire household!

Swamp coolers also pull fresh air into your home from the outdoors (if you leave a window cracked open) and do not dry the air out. Again, it's a complete reversal. Evaporative cooling actually moisturize the air, raising the humidity to make your indoor living conditions ideal for dry skin. Many people purchase a separate humidifier to add moisture to the air, but with an evaporative cooler you can actually get two handy machines in one!

The humidity is not enough to make your room uncomfortable, especially if you leave the door open for fresh, cool air to circulate, but adds the perfect amount to help relieve dry skin and cracked lips. The increased humidity is also good for people with asthma or nasal congestion, helping to clear the passages for easier breathing.

Helping the Environment with Evaporative Coolers

If you care about the planet, purchasing a swamp cooler for the warmer months is a great step forward! These coolers are better for the environment than central or portable air conditioners.

  • Evaporative cooling uses much less energy than air conditioning. This is a double positive since using less energy helps you save on monthly electricity costs and helps the planet with lower energy consumption. A win for your wallet and the planet!
  • Portable evaporative air coolers reduce hazardous waste. Since the cooling power of evaporation is a natural process, your air cooler does not require coolants (the chemicals that runs through the AC system to cool air as it passes) to operate. Coolants contain Chlorofluorocarbons, otherwise known as CFC's. These chemicals act as catalysts that break down O3 (ozone) and thus strip the Earth of her natural protection against deadly UV rays.

So, choosing to use an evaporative cooler is a smart choice for just about everyone on the planet! You enjoy the benefits of clean, moisturized indoor air, low cost, and big savings for the Earth.

Put your trust back into evaporative cooling and check out these great evaporative coolers, today!

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