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About Fujitronic

Fujitronic has grown to become a premier design, development, and manufacturing company for small home appliances such as portable air conditioners, swamp coolers, heaters, refrigerators, fans, and wine coolers. In addition to its reputation for quality and reliability, Fujitronic has also enjoyed constant and solid growth in overseas markets as well.

Since its inception, Fujitronic has had one key objective: to develop and manufacture various kinds of high-quality and innovative products on an annual basis. In order to diversify its manufacturing base, Fujitronic also has various products subcontracted by companies in Taiwan, Japan, China, and Korea which must meet the strict standards and requirements of Fujitronic's quality assurance control.

Why Purchase a Portable Air Conditioner?

Portable air conditioners are versatile and convenient sources of cold air which can be used in a range of environments and applications such as rooms, homes, offices, workshops, and apartments. They are self-contained units that typically sit inside a space that needs to be cooled, but unlike traditional window-based units, portable air conditioners do not sit in the window, but set on the floor.

Contrary to popular belief, portable air conditioners do not create cooling; instead, they transfer heat from one place to another. To produce cold air, portable air conditioners draw in warm air, remove the heat from this air, and discharge it as cold air. Therefore, all portable air conditioners exhaust air as part of the cooling process, and this hot air is typically directed out of the space being cooled through a hot air discharge hose. This air hose is then vented out of a window, through a wall to an adjacent space, or into a drop ceiling, and depending on the unit chosen, window kits and drop ceiling panels/kits may be included or made available.

Fujitronic Portable Air Conditioners

Fujitronic portable air conditioners are an affordable and easy way to stay cool, as they have several advantages over standard window air conditioners. Fujitronic portable air conditioners are portable and give you the ability to move the unit from room to room without having to make a permanent hole or change to your window.

Fujitronic portable air conditioners are also more economical than standard air conditioning units because they don't use as much power and allow you to cool just the room you're in, as opposed to the whole house. Fujitronic portable air conditioners also feature sleek designs, 12-hour programmable timers, and thermostat controls as added bonuses. See below for an overview of their portable air conditioning line:

Fujitronic Whirlwind FA-1300 Portable Air Conditioner
The FA-1300 by Fujitronic combines the cooling power of an air conditioner with a fan and dehumidifier in one unit. Because this portable air conditioner has a built-in water try and an extended tube for continuous draining, maintenance is a breeze, as there is no heavy water tank to empty. The Fujitronic FA-1300 portable air conditioner is housed in a sleek, metal body and provides 13,000 BTUs of cooling power - making it perfect for living rooms or bedrooms!

The Fujitronic FA-1300's advanced cooling process involves the extraction of water from the air and into the unit. Most of this water is then recycled and used to cool the cooling coils, which also helps to effectively improve air circulation in poorly-ventilated areas and maximizes energy efficiency. The multi-function Fujitronic FA-1300 portable air conditioner also includes a washable air filter that eliminates airborne pollutants such as dust and debris, and because this unit takes the place of several appliances, you save space, energy, and money!

Fujitronic Whirlwind FA-9000
Featuring 9,000 BTUs of cooling power, the Fujitronic FA-9000 portable air conditioner features three fan speeds to provide comfort by both cooling and removing moisture from the air. The FA-9000's washable air filter removes pollutants from the air by collecting large particles and by preventing bacteria build-up. This thermostatically controlled portable air conditioner by Fujitronic also features oscillating air discharge louvers and consumes just 850 watts of power, allowing you to efficiently and cost-effectively cool your home or office.

Top Five Reasons to Purchase a Fujitronic Portable Air Conditioner

1. Multi-Functional:  Not only do Fujitronic portable air conditioners effectively cool the air, they also act as dehumidifiers to help remove moisture for personal comfort. As well, the portable FA-1300 also includes an oscillating fan, making it the perfect all-in-one air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier!

2. Washable Air Filters:  Even the most immaculate of homes are plagued by indoor airborne pollutants. Both the Fujitronic FA-9000 and FA-1300 portable air conditioners come with washable air filters to trap large particles such as dust and debris. 3120/3120/2068/

3. Programmable Settings:  Fujitronic portable air conditioners are thermostatically-controlled, allowing you to set the units to your desired comfort level.

4. Quiet:  The FA-13000 and FA-9000 operate at a quiet 56db and 51db respectively.

5. 3-Speed Control:  Fujitronic portable air conditioners feature three speed settings which enable you to choose your cooling levels.