Green AC Guide: How to Stay Cool This Summer and Still Save the World

green livingGrilling on the BBQ, lounging around the pool, soaking in the view on your patio - these are the signature trademarks of summer. But so is the blazing unrelenting heat that comes with it.

As much as we love summer, we can't help but feeling tortured by its heat. Sweltering temperatures and intolerable humidity turn what we hope will be memorable, fun-filled summer into desperate attempts to evade oven-roasting temperatures.

With constant warnings of a thinning ozone layer, the increase of green house gases, and global temperatures on the rise, we can expect even hotter summers to come - and we're faced with a dilemma. Being informed and responsible earth citizens with a desire for "green living," we know it's a hazard to the environment to switch on the air conditioner.

Why AirCon Systems are a Terrible Idea

eco-friendly-earthAir conditioning systems are scandalous environment destroyers, harmful to our health, and total resource wasters. While your home may be nice and cool, at some point you have to step out again and when you do, you're inhaling the heat and fumes your aircon system chugged out only moments before. Multiply this effect by the millions of people who all rely on the air conditioner as a heat-solution and you'll start to realize why we have a major global warming crisis on our hands.

What was once a solution for us, the air conditioner is now an environmental trap since the more we use it the more we guarantee we're going to need it - not to mention the energy required to run an AC dangerously reduces fossil fuel reserves.

Now, this may not be enough of a reason for everyone to switch over to the green-team. So let me ask this: Did you know thatACs are hazardous to your health, even while you're indoors? That being said, there are plenty of ways to stay green without killing the environment, your health, or your wallet!

Green Cooling Ideas

There are lots of little tricks you can use and personal habits you can change that will help you get green this summer without suffering from extreme heat.

saladEating for hot weather - One of the biggest mistakes people make is not changing their eating habits when summer kicks in. Most people normally eat 2-3 big meals a day, and the quantity consumed tends to be higher in the summer since that's when social events kick in gear. Summer BBQs are great, but they're filled with heavy greasy foods and alcoholic beverages - all things that will leave you feeling heavy, weighed down, and more sensitive to heat exposure.

Here's what you can do: Instead of gorging on grease, eat smaller, lighter meals. Opt for foods with high water content, like fruits and veggies. And instead of heavy temperature-raising high-calorie beverages, grab a cold bottle of water. Eating smart, eating green, is a fantastic way to thwart the paralyzing effects of summer heat - and it'll give you more energy to enjoy all the great things about the season!

Positioning yourself - Where you are when it's hot is a big factor in how hot you feel. With this in mind, try to avoid places that are heat emitters (such as kitchens) or heat facilitators (such rooms with no ventilation). Remember that heat rises, so you're best off staying on the lower levels of buildings and homes. And don't forget to watch where you step! Cool from the feet up with cool stone tile, which you can wipe off and lay on for instant relief!

Use the elements - Part of going green is using nature to help nature...and you! So instead of flipping on the AC, why not skip into a cold shower instead for a quick cool down? Switching out hot showers for cold ones is also a great way to save water during the summer.

Another way you can help yourself and the environment is by planting trees. Trees and large shrubs on the south and west sides of your home will provide a comfortable level of shade that will help reduce indoor temperatures.

Get Green Air Conditioning

dog-fan.jpgVentilate your space - Open up the windows and doors and let some fresh air in. Ideally, having opposing windows open encourages better air circulation. A natural breeze moving through your home will help ease the sultry effects of hot weather.

Fans - A fan can be a great alternative to aircon systems. Not only are fans cheaper to purchase than air conditioners, they're also cheaper to run, and use less energy than an average light bulb. Go green and invest in several fans for your home and patios to reduce suffering through summer heat waves.

Portable Air Conditioners - Mobile room air conditions are the latest must-have item for people who want to be green but don't want to be miserable because of it. An eco-friendly portable air conditioner will save you money and energy. They cost only a fraction of a central aircon unit, as little $400 for a quality portable unit compared to an average $4000 for traditional ACs - and that's if your house already has ducts and vents in place. When you see your energy bill every month you'll have reason to smile, since portable ACs run as efficiently as traditional air conditioners but at 1/4 the cost.

Remember, summer is all about relaxing, spending time with family and friends - and not about worrying about the weather. Make these few smart adjustments to your home and habits and you'll have a green summer you'll soon be telling all your friends about!

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