5 Ways to Reduce Household Waste with a Home Soda Machine

eco-friendly-earthReducing waste and taking care of the environment is oneveryone's mind. We're all trying to go green and one of the ways tofurther our efforts is by lowering household expenses.

There are lots of ways to lower household expenses. A fewsimple ideas include: unplugging appliances, presetting the temperature on yourAC, riding a bike to work, and turning the water off when you brush your teeth.Monitoring our purchases is another way to make a change.

Did you know that American's spend more than 70 billiondollars on carbonated soft drinks a year? The figure grows to over 100billion when you include juice, tea, and energy drinks.

Using a home soda maker machine is a great way to eliminatethis cost. How do they help? Below are 5 ways a soda maker can keep yourhousehold expenses on the down low.

1. No bottles or cans to buy

If you've been spending afortune buying bottled beverages with very little return, then think about saving yourself the expense of making empty purchases and try making yourown beverages at home. Making your own beverages is one of the easiest ways toreduce household expenses.

The Soda Stream Home Soda Machine makers describes their productas an "active green" option. Why? Because using their soda maker eliminates theneed to purchase bottled beverages. We all do our best to recycle the plasticproducts we use but in some cases the recycling program is failing.

As addressed below not all bottles are being recycledproperly.

2. Reduce the carbon footprint

Another great reason toquit buying storebought beverages? Week after week you fill the trash bin withplastic, drag it to the curb and let the trash truck pick it up. Even if yourecycle you're not helping as much as you could.

Did you know that 80% of used bottles don'tactually get recycled? It's also been estimated that 4.7 million tons ofgreenhouse gas emissions are produced in the process of replacing the billionsof bottles not recycled each year.

Contribute to the green movement and make your own sodapop. We're all trying to make the world a cleaner place. By making your ownsoda, you're reducing the carbon footprint. The landfills will thank you!

3. Reduction in fuel consumption

green-piggybankFuel consumption isan ongoing issue. We're trying to find greener ways to get around which mightinclude using a hybrid vehicle. Unfortunately not all of us have thatadvantage. If you're constantly making trips to the store for another 12 packof soda, invest in a home soda maker and reduce fuel consumption. No need tomake the journey when you have a soda maker.

Taking the concept one step further and thinking about thegreen movement, consider how much fuel semi-trucks use making deliveries ortrash trucks use picking up the throwaways. Making your own beverages is justanother way you know you're doing your part.

4. Inexpensive to purchase

Reduce the amount ofpackaging that you buy by making your own sparkling water and soda pop. Theaverage cost of a 12 pack of soda is around $5.00. Did you know that with thesoda stream home soda machine you can make liters of soda for only pennies at atime? The average cost of a can of soda stream pop is .25 cents. That means thata 12 pack of homemade soda costs only $2.50.

This can be a large household expense when you're buyingbeverages for several people. And don't forget to take into account how manybeverages are consumed on a daily basis.

5. No plastic bags or 6 pack rings to harm the environment

Everyone's concerned with the way plastic bags and soda rings are being disposedof. Some of these items end up in the ocean, causing harm to sea life. Some ofthese bags are actually ingested. Need I say more? Not only are we concernedwith reducing the carbon footprint but we're also concerned with protectingwildlife.

1018111018 image 1Making your own soda not only eliminates the need torecycle bottles but it protects those we share the earth with. For every tripyou make to the store, consider how much trash you carry home with you. Keephousehold waste at a minimum and don't fill your trash can with unnecessaryobjects.

The Benefits of Using a Soda Stream Home Soda Machine

  • Contributes to the green movement
  • Reduces household expenses
  • Healthier alternative: low calorie beverage
  • Contains less sugar, carbs, sodium, and caffeine
  • Saves money
  • Provides fresh beverages at any time
  • Makes soda, tea, and sparkling water in minutes

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