scratchHow I Chose My Humidifier

The Problem

I just moved into a new home. And since it's winter I tend to snuggle up at night with the windows closed and the heat on. For a couple of weeks I felt comfortable and I was loving living in my new place. I had two roommates in my previous apartment who were so inconsiderate. My new roommate is quiet and nice and almost never home.

Perfect, right?

Until I noticed that the skin on my face, hands and feet were feeling particularly dry. And I was going through chapstick like nobody's business. And no matter how much water I drank, I still seemed to get horrible headaches. The pressure seemed to begin behind my nose and radiate up to and around my skull.

The Solution

I did what anyone would do in that situation. I consulted the almighty WebMD. And of course, it told me that I have cancer. That's what it tells everyone.

After I freaked out for a couple of minutes and then convinced myself that I didn't have cancer, I discovered that my symptoms were likely caused by dry indoor air. And that if I purchased a humidifier, it would help relieve all of my symptoms and save me some of that chapstick money.

Warm Air or Cool Air?

randomhumidifierWhen choosing a humidifier, the first thing I had to consider was whether to get a warm air unit or a cool air unit.

Through my thorough research, I found that:

Warm air humidifiers:

  • make less noise
  • are ideal for single rooms
  • use a heating element to heat the water - a plus in cool weather
  • use more electricity than cool air humidifiers
  • can make the air feel muggy if overused

That sounds like it would make my hair frizz. How cute am I trying to be when relaxing at home, though?

Cool air humidifiers:

  • cover larger areas
  • have moving parts so they make more noise
  • are safer because they don't heat the water, eliminating burn risks
  • use less electricity
  • don't make the air feel "muggy"
  • might need regular filter replacement

The noise might make sleeping with a cool air humidifer tough. I sleep like the dead, so I'm not sure that's a problem for me.

The Verdict

Basically, it comes down to a few key issues for me. Either purchase a warm air humidifier that provides comfort during cold weather and operates quietly but uses more electricity and can't be used around children.

Or purchase a cool air humidifier that covers large areas without making the air muggy but make more noise and may need filter replacement.

In the end, I ended up choosing a warm air humidifier because I like the idea of having warm, moist soothing air and I don't live with any children. I may purchase a cool air humidifier in the future though, because it could be useful during dry summer days.

If you're ready to kick your chapstick habit, then check out the selection of cool and warm mist humidifiers available on Air Conditioner Home. You're sure to find a great deal to relieve all that uncomfortable dry skin!

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