Napoleon GSX130601 13 SEER 5.0 Ton Air Conditioner with Factory Installed Filter Dryer
Offers a High Efficiency Scroll Compressor and a Quietly Operating Motor


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Napoleon GSX130601 13 SEER 5.0 Ton Air Conditioner
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Stay cool on a hot, humid day with the Napoleon GSX130601 13 SEER 5.0 ton air conditioner. This unit has the power to keep you feeling comfortable.

Fully Protected
The Napoleon GSX130601 13 SEER 5.0 ton air conditioner features a galvanized full metal jacket and hail guard to protect interior components from harsh outdoor weather. This unit is built for longevity.

Large Capacity Cooling
Enjoy effective cooling with a long reach when you use the Napoleon GSX130601 13 SEER 5.0 ton air conditioner. 60,000 BTUs of cooling power is sure to meet your needs.

Highly Efficient
This central AC system will help you  save money on your energy bill. The high efficiency scroll compressor, 13 SEER, and R-410A refrigerant all work together to reduce energy use, save you money, and aid the environment. 

Low Maintenance
Easy to clean vertical vents make maintaining the Napoleon GSX130601 air conditioning unit simple. Keep debris, dirt, and grime at bay with very little effort.


  • Model: GSX130601
  • Product Type: 13 SEER 5.0 Ton Air Conditioner
  • Product Color: Grey
  • Application: Used to cool indoor areas
  • Type: Central Air Conditioner
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Heater: No
  • Cooling Capacity: , 5, 60000 BTUs
  • Heat Pump: No
  • Programmable Timer: No
  • Refrigerant Type: R-410A
  • Season Energy Efficency Ratio: 13 SEER
  • Heating Capability: No
  • Compressor Type: High efficiency, Scroll compressor
  • Time Delayed Start: Yes
  • Includes: Filter dryer, Hail guard


  • Cost effective features make this unit an efficient choice
  • Durable design to easily weather outdoor elements
  • Filter dryer keeps this unit filtering effectively
  • Helps control humidity levels in the home
  • Metal jacket protects all operating components
  • Offers 60,000 BTUs to meet your cooling needs