Optimize Conditions for Window Air Conditioners

Easy Ways to Cool Down without High Prices

Whether the summer heat waves are just hitting or you've endured them for many months it's never too late to start taking action and lowering your electric bill! Have you noticed each month how your electric utility seems torise and rise - even the heat seems to stay constant? That's no mistake, andsadly not uncommon, since many people abuse their air conditioning.

Don't be a sucker to the electric company! Start saving now with these smart,yet easy, cooling tips to get the most from your window air conditioner.

Do a little window air conditioner window shopping!

Purchase Energy Smart Window Air Conditioners

Buy an Energy Star or energy efficient window air conditioner to start. An EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 8 and above is a good choice. If you choose togo with a unit that boasts a blue Energy Star label your savings are doubled as this window air conditioner not only uses less energy to achieve optimal temperatures, but is also qualified for local utility company rebates or taxcredits!

Optimize Rooms for Window Air Conditioners

The second place to start optimizing your window air conditioner's efficiencyis the place where it's located - the room! If the room is small and you don't plan on moving around often or can't, such as in a dorm, make sure to keep the doors and windows closed. Also, keep blinds and curtains closed to prevent sunlight from naturally raising temperature levels. It's obvious, yet many people will bungle this simple step.

This important step is less obvious when we're talking about larger spaces like your living room. All "room" spaces need to be controlled for maximized cooling at less expense. If your home has an open floor plan then begin by shutting your bathroom and closet doors as a smart first step. After all, doe sit matter if your toilet area is a few degrees warmer? Not unless you forget to flush!

Investing in double-glazed windows - known for their remarkable insulation -is also another double-edged investment. Save now and forever on your increased cooling efficiency while bringing up the value of your home. These two panes of glass (not one!) cut the transfer of energy (heat and cold) in half, thus you are warmer in winter and cooling in summer!

Window Air Conditioner Thermostats

If your window air conditioner doesn't come with an integrated thermostat,invest in one. This is a fast, easy solution to cooling your home! Thermostats let you set a desired temperature, rather than simply allowing the window air conditioner to blow cold air at its convenience. By setting your comfort level -a good range is between 67 F to 75 F - dependent on factors of relative humidityand room air circulation (more on this later) you guarantee not to go over orunder your "cooling budget."

Once you've set a temperature, switch your window air conditioner's controlsetting to the "automatic" rather than the "on" position. This prevents the unitfrom wasting electricity. Since your unit is only going to cool to a certain point, leaving the air conditioner in the "on" position is only working the fan harder, thus wasting energy.

Window Air Conditioners and Air Circulation

More BTU's is not always better. You don't want to waste money on a "better"unit when you could simply be optimizing your space. As noted earlier, if cooling a single room with a window air conditioner then simply close doors and windows. However, what do you do if you've got a larger space or multiple rooms with only one window air conditioner? The answer is not to purchase more BTU power - you wouldn't be saving!

No, the solution is to get smart and optimize your space. For instance, if you've got to cool both an upper level and lower level, such as in a townhouse,a 10,000 BTU unit can do the job as well as a 15,000 BTU unit. First close unnecessary doors - like bathrooms, closest, back doors, and windows- so that the path of airflow hits only where you need it. Take a fan and place it at the base of the staircase, thus helping your air conditioner to allocate cool air without overworking it.

Fans use a lot less electricity than window air conditioners take to run, so you'll be saving money and customizing your experience. The cold air will make its way to the bottom floors (cold air falls, after all) with ease.