Port-A-Cool MK-47-CS Water Treatment Additive Case of 6 Bottles
Lengthens the Life of Your Evaporative Cooler


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Portacool MK-47-CS Port-A-Cool Mineral Treatment Additive - Case of 6 Cartons
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Water that is described as "hard" is high in dissolved minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium, which are acquired through contact with rocks and sediments in the environment. Calcium and magnesium also tend to adhere on pipes and internal components, and in an evaporative cooler, this can result in impeded airflow and damage to your unit.

As such, use Port-A-Cool's MK-47-CS Mineral Knockout in your evaporative cooler to treat hard water conditions that can damage or shorten the life of your unit's internal components. By regularly adding the MK-47-CS mineral treatment to the reservoir of your Port-A-Cool, you can prevent hard water buildup, protect fan components, and even extend the life of your investment!

Note: The MK-47-CS contains six bottles of Port-A-Cool Mineral Knockout.

Port-A-Cool® Evaporative Cooling Units are Manufactured by PORT-A-COOL, LLC., Center, Texas U.S.A.


  • Model: MK-47-CS
  • Product Type: Mineral Treatment Additive
  • Product Dimensions: 5.75" x 3.25" x 3.00"
  • Product Weight: 2.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: White/Blue
  • Application: Protects your evaporative cooler's components by preventing mineral buildup from hardwater
  • Product Type: Mineral treatment additive
  • Product Quantity: 6
  • Compatible Models: Compatible with all Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers


  • Extends the life of your Port-A-Cool
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Prevents mineral buildup
  • Protects the evaporative cooler's fan and other internal components

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Name: N. Irvin
Date: 06/26/2010
Location: Cypress, TX
Overall Rating:

Review Title: MK-47 - Port-A-Cool
Comments: We have very hard well water and the hard water deposits on our old Port-A-Cool all but ruined the grates. We have since replaced the grates and have been using the MK-47 and we have eliminated the hard water deposit problem.
Recommend to Friend: Yes