Port-A-Cool PUMP-0150-1 540005 Pump with Durability
Offers 1/70 HP Motor and a Lightweight Design for Easy Handling

Port-A-Cool PUMP-0150-1 540005 1/70 HP Pump

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Port-A-Cool PUMP-0150-1 540005 1/70 HP Pump for 16 inch
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The Port-A-Cool PUMP-0150-1 540005 pump is a replacement part that offers easy installation and is made for 16" Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers.

1 Piece Design
This Port-A-Cool PUMP-0150-1 540005 pump features a lightweight, 1 piece, easy to handle design that's powerful and effective. The 1/70 HP motor effectively moves water from the internal reservoir.

Quick Connect System
Replace the pump on your air cooler with the Port-A-Cool PUMP-0150-1 540005 pump without any hassle. Offering a Quick Connect design, this evaporative cooler pump is easy to install.

Rust Proof
This Port-A-Cool PUMP-0150-1 540005 pump is fully submersible. The pump moves water rapidly from the internal reservoir and through the media filter. It's rust proof and leak proof.

Replace the worn out pump with a new one and enjoy continuous cooling. This Port-A-Cool PUMP-0150-1 540005 pump is built to last and is proven effective and durable.


  • Model: PUMP-0150-1
  • Product Type: 1/70 HP Pump for 16"
  • Application: A replacement pump for 16" Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers
  • Product Type: Replacement pump
  • Product Quantity: 1
  • Compatible Models: 16" Port-A-Cool models


  • 1 piece design for easy hook up
  • Durable and effective 1/70 HP motor
  • Made to accommodate 16" Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers
  • Moves water out of the tank and through pads
  • Quick connect to make installation easy
  • Rust proof, leak proof, and nonsagging housing