Relationships Made Easier with Portable AC Units

Portable AC Units Spread Domestic Peace Everywhere

Let's be honest, sometimes couples fight over the smallest, silliest things. You know you're guilty of this yourself, asPortable AC Units well as your spouse. After a long, hard day of work the last thing you want to do is argue with your one true love. But, let's be honest again.

In the law of thermodynamics, hot air rises. Heat is energy that is transferred from one thermodynamic system to another...much like the heated energy that transfers from your partner to you while arguing over the thermostat. Silly, isn't it?

You like it warm and snuggly, but he likes things as frigid as an ice box. What are you going to do? Allow yourselves to compete over the thermostat forever entangled in a heated domestic battle of capture the flag? There's an easier way to alleviate the unwanted degrees and resentment: portable AC units!

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What are Portable AC Units?

Okay, so what exactly is a portable AC unit? Despite the technical name a portable AC unit is just another term for a portable air conditioner. Portable AC units operate very similarly to window air conditioners: they take outdoor air and convert it into fresh, cool indoor air. They are also completely portable, unlike window units. Rather than being heavy, cumbersome and requiring installation, portable AC units simply use a long flexible hose to hook through any window in your home.

Many portable AC units are lightweight and come conveniently propped on gliding wheels! Transportation is easy so you can bring your little miracle with you from room to room!

A portable air conditioning system is one of the easiest ways to make life, well, easier. Imagine saving money each month on your monthly electric bills, cooling your environment on hot days, dehumidifying when moisture in the air is high, remove unwanted odors, and most importantly - enjoying your indoor climate exactly as you like it. All of this is possible and more with portable AC units!

Portable AC Units: Cool and Diplomatic

It's difficult to keep your own cool when the house is several degrees hotter than your comfort zone and vice versa. Most homes have a central air conditioning system, but the main problem with this is its "all or nothing" approach. You can only have things one way or another for the entire house. You might be cooking over a hot stove with sweat pouring down your face while she's lying in cool bliss on the couch enjoying reruns of her favorite day-time talk show.

Turning up the air for your comfort will only leave her cold and staring ice daggers into your heart.

The beauty of portable AC units is that you can both enjoy the temperature of your desires! Simply keep two portable AC units at home and enjoy it 65° F in the kitchen and 75° F in the living room. It's a lot like the principle of having separate bathrooms - no one is going to flush when you're trying to brush.

Saving Money, too!

In addition to the age-old tune of domestic squabbles over temperature many couples fight over money issues. Again, the portable AC unit comes to the rescue! Unlike your central air conditioning system or window air conditioner, portable AC units do not drain you of electricity and cash. Many models are stamped with the Energy Star rating of approval, meaning you may be able to enjoy a tax credit on the side, as well as saving each month on bills.

Portable AC units are great for dehumidifying homes, just like traditional air conditioners, and many are equipped with filters that capture unpleasant odors, dust, animal dander, and other irritants. Making homes happier, healthier, and a little richer - is there anything portable AC units can't do? Well, maybe walk the dog, but that's something you two can enjoy together. Hopefully you look into investing with portable AC units: bringing people together (in separate rooms and sides of the bed) and spreading peace nationwide!

A guide to portable AC units!