Air Conditioner Home How-To Videos

Have a question about portable air conditioners, evaporative coolers, or portable ice makers? Our library of how-to videos, video buying guides, and quick DIY video tips has information on a variety of topics and products. Choose a video from one of the topics below:

ventvid  Portable Air Conditioner Venting Instructions

Just purchased a portable AC but not quite sure how to vent it? Watch this short video and we'll show you how to vent your portable air conditioner , step by step.


NewAir AC-14000E and AC-14000H Portable Air Conditioner

These AC's feature an impressive 14,000 BTUs of cooling power that keeps medium and large rooms up to 500 square feet in size cool and comfortable. Watch our video on the AC-14000E and AC-14000H to learn more.


NewAir AC-10000E Portable Air Conditioner

Don't sacrifice quality for size! The stylish, redesigned NewAir AC-10000E portable air conditioner offers 10,000 verified BTUs of cooling and can operate continuously without constant water removal. Watch this AC-10000E video to learn more.


Swamp Cooler Buying Guide

Evaporative coolers cost about one-quarter as much energy as air conditioning. If you live in a low-humidity area, evaporative coolers - also known as "swamp coolers" - offer a natural, energy-efficient way to stay comfortable. Watch this swamp cooler video to learn more.


NewAir AW-181E and AW-281E Stainless Steel Wine Coolers

NewAir's newest line of wine coolers not only keep your favorite reds or whites stored at just the right temperature, they also now come with sleek stainless trim and chrome plated shelving. Watch this video on the AW-181E and AW-281E to learn more.


Soleus LX-140 Portable Air Conditioner

Through independent tests, the Soleus LX-140 14,000 BTU portable AC has been shown to easily cool areas up to 450 square feet, making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and other medium to large spaces. Watch our Soleus LX-140 video to find out more.


Sharp Portable Air Conditioners

Keep individual rooms cool without turning on your central AC with a Sharp portable air conditioner. Watch this video to learn more about our 3 most popular Sharp portable AC models: the CV-10NH, CV-P12PX and CV-P10MX.


Port-A-Cool PAC2K363S Portable Evaporative Cooler Features

Are you looking for some serious cooling? The Port-A-Cool PAC2K363S portable evaporative covers areas up to 2,500 square for only pennies a day. Watch this video on the PAC2K363S to learn more.


Port-A-Cool PAC163SVT Portable Evaporative Cooler Features

Don't waste money on air conditioning this summer! The Port-A-Cool PAC163SVT is the perfect cooling solution for warehouses, garages and athletic fields. This evaporative cooler cools areas up to 900 square feet. Watch this video on the PAC163SVT to learn more.


Clover Water Coolers

Looking for better alternative to standard water coolers? Clover water dispensers feature an adjustable cold water thermostat and durable polypropylene faucets for easy, customizable operation. Watch this Clover water dispenser video to learn more.


NewAir AD-250 Room Dehumidifier Review

Keep your bedroom, basement, or crawlspace drier and more comfortable with this new dehumidifier from NewAir. The NewAir AD-250 is incredibly compact and removes up to 25 pints of moisture per day. Watch this video on the AD-250 to learn more.


NewAir AF-340 and AF-350 Portable Swamp Coolers Review

Did you know that a swamp cooler costs much less to operate than a standard air conditioner? See why the NewAir AF-340 and AF-350 are two of most efficient swamp coolers available by watching this short video.


Venting Your Portable Air Conditioner in Just 5 Easy Steps

Venting your portable air conditioner is simple and takes only minutes. Watch our portable AC venting video to see how you can vent your portable air conditioner in just five steps - it's that easy!


Soleus Portable Air Conditioners Features and Benefits

Soleus manufactures a complete line of portable air conditioners. These are a perfect way to comfortably spot cool small to medium sized rooms. Watch this short video on Soleus portable AC units to learn more.


How to Vent a Portable Air Conditioner

Although portable air conditioners all need to be vented out of an opening such as a window, drop ceiling, or wall, the process is extremely easy! See our video on how to vent a portable air conditioner for instructions.


NewAir AC-12000E Portable Air Conditioner Information

Need spot cooling but don't want to waste precious living space? The NewAir AC-12000E portable air conditioner is just what you need this summer. Watch this short video to see exactly what this portable air conditioner has to offer.


MobilComfort KY-80 Portable Air Conditioner Information

Spot cool small rooms and areas without wasting precious floor space with the MobilComfort KY-80! This portable AC cools areas up to 125 sq. ft. and is the most compact unit available. Watch our MobilComfort KY-80 video to learn more.


NewAir AI-210SS Portable Ice Maker Information

Make ice with just the push of a button with a portable ice maker machine. The NewAir AI-210SS is our top-selling unit and produces up to 35 pounds of ice per day. Watch this video on the AI-210SS to see what else it has to offer.


NewAir AF-330 Portable Swamp Cooler Information

Feel several degrees cooler for only pennies a day with a portable swamp cooler. These appliances harness the natural power of evaporation to provide cooling. Watch our short video to see why the NewAir AF-330 is one of the best swamp coolers out there.


How Portable Ice Makers Work

Want to know how portable ice makers can make ice so quickly? Using the NewAir AI-100R as an example, our ice maker video shows the entire ice cube making process from start to finish.