Help, my Dorm Room Stinks!
Get Rescued by a Portable Air Conditioner

dormMany people will enjoy the company they keep at their first home-away-from home - the college dorm. Unfortunately, some students will find that their mystery roommate is in fact their worst nightmare. Of all the possible roommate fodder (the nerd, the jock, the punk, the introvert, the party animal, etc.) a few unlucky souls find themselves paired with the "stinky guy."

If this isn't already your fate, it could be, and that's why a portable air conditioner is recommended as a necessary dorm room essential. Please continue reading for some ripe reasons to purchase a portable AC, how it can greatly improve your quality of life in the dorms, and how it might just make you a new friend or two.

Clear the Air

First off, if you're planning to give your roomie a lecture for smelling foul it is highly not recommended. You will most likely not know the other person and the last thing you want to do is start a year-long feud between the two of you. Instead you can innocently bring in a portable air conditioning unit. This says something about you: that you're a kind, thoughtful roommate who is looking out for the well-being of you both. Asking, "Hey Jennifer, can you take a shower?" does not convey these feelings.

By venting your personal air conditioner through the window you can ensure that indoor air is properly refreshed every few minutes. Venting is easy and doesn't require permanent installation. Most mobile ACs include a window kit for even more convenience.

Your roommate's unique musk can suffocate your senses, thus leaving you powerless and unable to study (unfortunately you can't use this as an excuse with your professor).

Plus, you don't' want to end up living in the library for the rest of the year. Having a well ventilated, fresh, and comfortable environment certainly helps academically, as well as offers peace of mind and peace between dorm mates. However, body odor is just one way a stinky roommate can offend!

Prevent Mold and Funky Odors

If you thought that rancid armpits where the worse thing your felonious new friend could're wrong. Dead wrong. This next problem is most commonly found among male dorm dwellers - mounting piles of dirty clothes.

laundry-2A good example of this comes from a guy friend I had back in the dorm freshman year. His buddy was a great guy who frequently showered, so what could possibly be bad? Well, imagine what would happen if your good-natured roommate was a bit on the lazy side. This guy was on the school football team and he had a fun habit of dumping his training clothes under his bunk bed, mixing them in with the rest of his dirty laundry. Often this pile would morph into a small mountain, spilling over into the middle of the room! During winter quarter this wasn't so bad, but once summer hit - the damp began to rise.

Humidity, heat and sweaty, dirty laundry don't mix well. To spare yourself the agony of saturated jockstraps invest in a small portable air conditioner before the summer months arrive. Not only will the portable AC unit ventilate your room, it will also dehumidify the air. This means that it will actively remove excess moisture from your room's air. High humidity is not only uncomfortable, but a health hazard. With high heat and humidity all sorts of bacteria, such as mold spores and fugues, thrive along with a healthy population of insects. Sound appealing? I didn't think so.

Spare your senses the abuse and keep yourself healthy with a personal air conditioner in your dorm room!

Keep Cool and Comfortable9934-6m

And finally, last but certainly not least, a portable air conditioning cools. You'll find this feature to be an essential in itself, especially if you're living in an older dorm house where the central air conditioning is barely more than a warm, stale breeze. This great feature will encourage friends to stop by, preventing your modest dorm accommodations from heating up into sweltering nightclub! You don't want to be living in sweatshop conditions, so a mobile air conditioner is just the right answer.

Well, I hope this little guide to dorm room portable air conditioners helps prevent your first fun year in college from turning into future sessions with a therapist. Good luck at university and don't forget your portable air conditioner!

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