Why a Portable Air Conditioner is Right for You

Choose the Easy Breezy Life !

6996-7mOne thing I don't miss about life in the Midwest is the humidity. Like many others I migrated down to the West Coast, where the weather is even tempered and the people easy-breezy.

Since then, I've done a lot of moving around in the last three years - six times already - and through it all the item I haven't sold at each "big move" was my portable air conditioner. I might be living on the coast, but it still gets pretty darn hot! Portable air conditioning turned out to be a gift from heaven for me and it could be for you, too.
Here are a few examples in which portable air conditioning may be just right for you!

Portable Air Conditioners for Home

Even if you live in a standard house with central air conditioning a portable air conditioner system may be a better option, here's why. If you're alone for the day, or don't have a huge family taking up space in every room, then switching on your central air conditioner is a ridiculous waste of electricity. You can't possibly be in every room at once, so cooling down the entire house goes against common sense.

Instead, having a portable AC unit is a much smarter choice. The key word here being portable! Need to get some work done in the office? No problem, just bring your little friend along. How about preparing some dinner? An easy fix since most mobile air conditioning units will have gliding wheels to tag along with you.

I know what you're thinking: What about the ventilation? Why would you bother hooking up an exhaust hose every few hours just to switch rooms, right? Rest assured, setting up takes only a few minutes, and the relief from the heat is well worth the trouble!

Portable AC for Apartments

6996-mYour main concern isn't just cutting costs when you're something of a nomad, like myself. Apartment and condominium dwellers soon realize that size is what matters most in the traveling life. Unlike window air conditioners, portable air conditioning systems are lightweight and, as their name suggests, fully portable.

You can easily pick up a portable air conditioner on your own without assistance. Sliding a flexible exhaust hose through a window is much easier than, say, trying to balance the screwdriver with a 100 pound metal box, as you would with a window unit.

If you're constantly moving from city to city, life can get pretty expensive having to pay for movers or purchasing new items each time. With a portable AC you can just pop the little guy in your backseat and drive toward your next adventure!

Portable Cooling for Dorms

If we combine the last two examples, monthly costs versus convenience, then there's no better example of the usefulness of a mobile air conditioner than with dorm life. Students and parents are becoming more and more strained to pay for an education these days. The rising costs of state schools and universities, not to mention private establishments, can be an overwhelming challenge.

Luckily, portable air conditioning will cut down on the electric bills, make moving more convenient, and cost you less from the get-go! A portable air conditioner is much cheaper to purchase than a window or wall AC and certainly more practical than installing a central air conditioning system.

It's especially great for dorm room settings since the smaller size makes it easy to place in cramped quarters. It won't cramp your style, either, since they come in numerous sleek, modern designs and colors.

Overall, portable air conditioners does everything that standard installed air conditioning would do - cool, ventilate, and dehumidify - but at half the cost and double the convenience!

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