Portable Ice Maker Fun - Cool Summer Treats for Everyone

icequadSummer is here and so is the heat, but don't let it beat you down. Instead of staying indoors like a recluse, venture out into the open air and enjoy these fun ideas for portable ice makers! This handy little machine turns boring, tepid tap water into little gems of icy enjoyment. I won't go over what a portable ice maker is, how they work, or how much they cost. That's boring and you can learn that from the manufacturer's website. Instead lets take a look at a few cool summer (an oxymoron, I know) home ice maker ideas.

The Portable Ice Maker as Snack Machine

You may or may not have heard of this, but the newest trend in low-cal diet snacks is - ice! Yes, you heard right, ice. Luckily, you can be the first on your block to enjoy the trendy crushed "chewable" ice this season. All you need is a portable crushed ice maker to make this zero-calories snack right at home! Slow melting and soft, it's even a cost-effective, calorie-effective way to replace chewing gum. 6000 Image1

Chewable ice makers and crushed ice makers are developed and sold under a number of brands, such as Scotsman Ice Systems, Chewblet, Nugget Ice and Pearl Ice. Or you can use an automatic ice crusher to create that chewy, icy goodness.

The reason chewable ice is so popular is because it has a high liquid displacement and is easier on teeth and gums (whereas if you try to eat thick cubes of ice you'll likely break a tooth, so don't try it). To create the crunch that's just right dissolve crushed ice in a bit of liquid water for a couple of minutes or go in for a slightly pricier flaked portable ice maker.

By the way, if you don't believe me just Google "chewable snack ice" to take a look at this growing trend. Even the blog site "Food Jargon Watch" has added it to the official lexis. Some restaurants, bars, and cafe's even sell the stuff for a dollar a cup!

The Portable Ice Maker as a Bartender's Helper

ice-mojitoOver the age of 21 and looking for a cool summer job? Why not try bartending. Or if you're thankfully employed try a fun bartending class and practice your skills at home. Impress your friends by breaking out your new portable ice maker and your new skills. If you enjoy the cocktail life partake in wetting the pallet you need your own portable ice maker.

After all, one of the most important rules of basement bar setup is a ready supply of fresh ice. What would your guests think of you if you handed them a lukewarm, runny margarita? Tsk-tsk and shame on you!

But it's okay, don't despair. Portable ice makers will transform your bartending or barista skills from skunks to daisies (that means you stank before, but now you're fresh).

The Portable Ice Maker as a Soccer Mom's Essential

AI-100R-Image7Kids, kids, kids - you gotta love them, right? The demands of parenting can be...well...demanding. Soccer moms and dads know that just getting to practice can be a challenge, let alone the stress of an actual game. The next time you're left sitting on the grassy field, exposed to the brutal rays of sunshine and 100-degree heat, make sure you have a handy portable ice maker with you.

You and the kids will be thankful that when the thirst-inducing heat hits you can remedy it with a fresh, cold flask of ice water. Chances are your handy portable ice maker will catch the attention of other sweaty parents and soon you'll be the team favorite - like it or not. Staving off dehydration and heat-stroke will do that.

In addition, you'll be ready for emergency care, too. Should an ankle be sprained or an elbow bumped, you'll be ready with a nice cold ice pack to help ease the pain.

There's no end to the summer fun you can have with your own portable ice machine.Click here to check out our full selection!

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