Top 10 Places You Wish You Had a Portable Ice Maker

ice-cubesIt's a summer tragedy faced by people around the globe as summer temperatures start to rise. We've all been there - the sun beating down, sweat dripping from your brow, and worst of all, your drink getting warm and gross! If only there was some way to keep that beverage cold!

Fortunately, this kind of chronic problem is easy to solve. With a portable ice maker it's easy to keep plenty of ice on hand - as much as 35 pounds of ice per day. That's more than enough to supplement your kitchen refrigerator, or even replace it if the fridge breaks down.

The kitchen is the most obvious home for portable ice machines, but don't let your imagination stop there. There are plenty of places where a supply of fresh-made ice on demand would come in handy. Here are just a few places where you might wish you had all-you-can-freeze ice!

1. The nurse's office

What's better for relieving the discomfort of playground bumps and bruises than a baggy full of ice? An ice maker in the nurse's office will save you from scurrying to the cafeteria the next time someone takes a header off the jungle gym.

Physical therapists can use a ready supply of ice, too, for icing down patients when it's part of their recovery process.

2. Your campsite

campingRoughing it won't ever be the same when you bring along a portable ice machine. Use it to replenish the ice in your camp cooler so food won't spoil. Before you go hiking, fill your canteen with fresh ice so you'll have plenty of cold water on the trail. If fishing is in your plans for the day, an ice maker will ensure there is plenty of ice to keep your catch from getting smelly. And after a long day of wilderness adventures, settle around the campfire with your favorite mixed drink on ice. What could be more relaxing?

Super tip!
When the ice in the cooler melts, recycle the melt water and use it to make the next batch of ice!

3. Your RV or boat

You may be on the move, but that doesn't mean you have to rely on ice out of a bag. Portable ice makers are designed to fit in small spaces, so you can avoid the risk of warm drinks while you're cruising on land or sea.

4. Vacation homes

Whether it's a beach house or a cabin by the lake, chances are your vacation home has inherited outdated appliances that work just well enough to put up with while you're there. But there's no need to spend your vacation filling up ice cube trays. A home ice maker will give you all the ice you need so you can relax in style.

5. Tailgating

softball-faceplantThe convenience of portable ice makers means you can take it anywhere you might need extra ice, so load it in your car and take it with you next time you plan a tailgating party. Keep the party going with plenty of cold ice!

Super tip!
Bring the ice machine to your kids' sports games too. Keep them cool and hydrated with ice cold water and sports drinks.

6. Home bar

It's a hassle to transport ice from the kitchen to your home wet bar. With a countertop ice maker tucked behind the bar you'll save trips going back and forth, and be able to spend more time entertaining your company.

7. Workshop

Workshops are rarely air conditioned to truly comfortable levels. It only makes sense to keep fresh ice ready so that you can cool off while you're hard at work. Whether it's a home workshop in your garage, or a professional workshop in an industrial setting a compact ice maker can make your work day that much more pleasant.

8. Your church kitchen

AI-215R-Image4When it's time for your next church potluck, don't serve lukewarm lemonade alongside Mrs. Miller's tuna macaroni casserole. A portable ice maker will make sure that everyone will be able to enjoy a cool, refreshing drink along with their meal.

Super tip!
You can use extra ice to keep dishes like potato salad and gelatin desserts at their freshest, too - no need to worry about food spoiling in the heat.

9. Outdoor kitchen

If you like to entertain outdoors, you've probably spent a lot of time outfitting your outdoor kitchen with top-of-the-line accessories like built-in grills, warming drawers, fire pits, granite countertops, and decorator furniture. Don't stop there! A portable ice maker is the perfect addition to your outdoor cooking and entertaining set-up. Hint: put it close to the margarita blender!

10. At the office

Keep employees happy by giving them plenty of fresh ice for their water and sodas. Countertop ice machines will feet neatly in break rooms and office kitchens, and complement the office water cooler perfectly.

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