Sunpentown Portable Air Conditioners

Sunpentown offers a wide variety of portable air conditioners that suit a variety of applications - small portable air conditioners for personal cooling, portable room air conditioners for home and office, even server room air conditioners! Many of their new, convenient products are even auto-evaporative. Portable air conditioning is the cornerstone of Sunpentown's line of comfort products!

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Quick guide to choosing the right Sunpentown air conditioner for your needs:

Small rooms under 250  sq. ft. --- WA-1230E or theTN-12E

Medium sized areas from 250 - 350 sq. ft. ---WA-1300E or theWA-1310E

Larger areas from 350 - 400 sq. ft. --- WA-1400H orWA-1410E

Looking for personal cooling on a budget?WA-7500M

What to look for when buying a portable air conditioner
One of the most important things to look at when choosing a portable air conditioner is the power rating or EER.  Quite often, people purchase an air conditioner that will just barely meet their needs - unfortunately, if there is a heat wave or you want to cool a room that is already warm you will need more power.  For more information, click here forChoosing a Portable Air Conditioner.