Who in the World Invented Portable Swamp Coolers?

winterxlDo you ever wonder why and how certain things were invented? Like blankets. I was cold this morning when I woke up, and before I got dressed I just sat on my bed thinking about who invented blankets. I imagine it began on a cold night many years ago. And animal skins were probably involved. I'm glad we've moved past that point.

I've also wondered how and why portable swamp coolers were invented. Swamp coolers use the simple evaporation of water in the air to beat the heat. They usually have a box-like frame that contains a fan walled-in by moistened pads. The fan takes in hot air from the room, sends it through the moist pads and cools it up to 20 degrees. Using portable swamp coolers is very similar to splashing water on your face on a hot day and feeling the coolness on your skin.

Windcatchers: The First Portable Swamp Coolers

So, is that how portable swamp coolers were invented? Someone splashing water on their face and noticing how the moisture and air combined to create a cooling effect on their skin? Well, I'm not sure, but ancient Iran can provide some clues. A device called the windcatcher was invented thousands of years ago. This traditional Persian architectural structure consisted of wind shafts strategically placed on rooftops. The wind shafts caught the wind, passed it through water and transferred cooled air into a home. Windcatchers were used for many centuries to create natural ventilation in buildings and can still be seen in many countries today.

The inventor of the windcatcher is unknown so I think it'd be fun to come up with some guesses about who the inventor is and how they came up with the idea. If any of these ideas sound familiar to you, it's purely by coincidence.

Portable Swamp Coolers Scenario #1

There was this kid, some might call him a street rat, hanging out in the market one day. He and his trusty monkey sidekick steal some bread to eat but get caught and jailed. An elderly man leads them to a strange cave that holds a magical lamp. After escaping death and extracting the lamp from the cave, they discover that a genie abides within. The genie offers three wishes to the lad and his trusty monkey, as long as they follow a few guidelines.

The street rat thinks carefully about his three wishes and uses the first one to wish away the heat of the sun, because it got really hot when he was running from the law. Suddenly, the knowledge to create ancient portable swamp coolers enters his head and he has no need for the other two wishes. He has tamed the sun!

Portable Swamp Coolers Scenario #2

These explorers are going on an expedition to uncover ancient texts that will unlock unimaginable powers. Along the way, they encounter a horrifying Mummy, who is also after the texts, except he wishes to use them for evil. In the end, the explorers are victorious and hold the texts in the palm of their hands.

With bated breath, they open one and therein lay the secret blueprint of ancient portable swamp coolers . The world rejoices!

Portable Swamp Coolers Scenario #3

An eccentric scientist befriends a popular high school student and shares with him the secret of time travel. Instead of using this great resource to prevent devastating disasters in the past or to ascertain knowledge about future cures to dangerous diseases, the scientist and the student travel to ancient Iran.

One of them had heard about a raging party. There was no party to be found, though, only a deathly dry desert and no oasis to be found. The student lived in Arizona so he knew the only way to combat the heat would portable swamp coolers. It was the greatest invention known to man!

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