Lava Heat Italia MFH-2 Misty Cooler 3 Speed Compact Misting Fan
Featuring Removable 2.5 Liter Water Tank that Provides Up to 20 Hours of Cooling Power


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Lava Heat Italia MFH-2 Misty Cooler 3 Speed Misting Fan
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Do you want an air cooler that is small but can cool a large space, while still saving you money? The Lava Heat Italia MFH-2 misting fan can do just that! It has a very small, compact design that can cool an area up to 250 sq. ft. Also, a Lava Heat Italia misting fan doesn't use as much energy as a portable AC, saving you money on your electricity bill!

Don't worry about having to constantly change the water tank. This mister can go up to 20 hours without needing refilling with the 2.5 liter removable water tank.

Fan Only Option
With the MFH-2 fan mister you can set it to the fan only option if the humidity is extra high one day. You also have the option of 3 fan speeds to enjoy cooling set to your personal preference.

Small Design, Powerful Cooling
It's small and compact but this model can still cool large areas up to 250 sq. ft. It also evenly distributes cool air with 360 degrees of wind circulation.

Added Convenience
The Lave Heat Italia MFH-2 misting cooler includes many other convenient features. A handy remote control allows you to change the settings from across the room. A timer option allows you to set the cooler within a 9-hour range to save energy. Also, an LED display indicates wind speed.


  • Model: MFH-2
  • Product Type: 3 Speed Misting Fan
  • Product Color: Various
  • Application: Portable misting fan great for both commercial and residential use
  • Type: Portable Misting Fan, Misting Fan
  • Oscillation: No
  • Watts: 90 watts
  • Certifications: ETL
  • Coverage Area: 250 square feet
  • Product Construction: Plastic
  • Adjustable Height: No


  • 2-in-1 so you also have the option to use it as a fan only
  • Comes with an energy-saving timer that has a 9-hour range
  • Compact and portable design make it easy to put this unit anywhere
  • Features 3 fan speeds that provide 360 degree wind circulation, cooling up to 250 sq. ft.
  • Includes an easy to remove 2.5 liter water tank that provides 20 hours of cooling
  • LED display allows you to easily see the wind speed