SodaSparkle BFAN-Lemon10 Sugar Free Lemon Flavor Packs With No Calories
Offers Preservative Free Formula And Sucralose Sweetener

SodaSparkle BFAN-Lemon10 Naturally Flavored Lemon Soda

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SodaSparkle BFAN-Lemon10 Natural No Sugar 10 Bottle-size Lemon Flavor Packs
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Quench the family's thirst the natural way with SodaSparkle BFAN-Lemon10 sugar free lemon flavor packs. Use the packets to make soft drinks that are free of preservatives, artificial flavoring, and coloring. It is even high-fructose corn syrup and aspartame free for a calorie free beverage.

Bold Lemon Flavor
Brace your taste buds with the crisp taste of a fresh lemon soda. The natural flavors of this soda syrup will leave you refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Preparing beverages for dinner is not only easy, it is down right fun with SodaSparkle home soda makers. Just carbonate some chilled water, add a SodaSparkle BFAN-Lemon10 flavor stick and enjoy!

These soda mixes don't just have natural ingredients. They will reduce the amount of trash generated from empty soda bottles and cans, as well.

1.3 Liter Yield
Add a family sized soda mix serving packet to the reusable bottle. It will accommodate the 1.3 liter bottle for a strong drink or the 1 liter bottle for a refreshing sparkling beverage. Single serving packets are also included for soda by the glass.


  • Model: BFAN-Lemon10
  • Product Type: Bottle-size Lemon Flavor Packs
  • Application: Great for reducing soda bottle and can waste
  • Product Type: Flavor sticks
  • Product Quantity: 10
  • Product Construction: Packet
  • Compatible Models: SodaSparkle home soda makers
  • Flavors: Lemon
  • Capacity: 1-1.3 liters


  • Enjoy plenty of tasty drinks with 10 packet kit
  • Fun and easy way to cut down on plastic and aluminum can waste
  • Keep the kids healthy with high-fructose corn syrup free beverage that they'll love to drink
  • Let everyone chose their own flavor with different serving sizes
  • Natural ingredients create a crisp, delicious lemon flavor
  • Sugar free, zero calorie formula is great for quenching anyone's thirst