SodaSparkle BFAN-Lychee10 Preservative Free Lychee Flavor Packs With Sugar Free Sweetening
Offers Instant Carbonated Soda And Natural Lychee Flavor

SodaSparkle BFAN-Lychee10 Lychee Flavored Soda Mix

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SodaSparkle BFAN-Lychee10 Natural No Sugar 10 Bottle-size Lychee Flavor Packs
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Bring an eco-friendly soda alternative to the home or office with SodaSparkle BFAN-Lychee10 preservative free lychee flavor packs. It is easy for anyone to pick up and use!

Save The Environment
Whether you are tired of throwing away empty soda bottles, or you simply don't have the time to recycle them, switch to an Earth conscious alternative today. Every flavor pack is made with natural ingredients for an all over eco-friendly experience.

1-1.3 Liter Yield
SodaSparkle BFAN-Lychee10 soda mixes will make a bold tasting 1 liter drink. If a more mild drink is needed, opt for the 1.3 bottle. These packs are perfect for both.

Exotic Lychee Flavor
The lychee is a fruit that grows from evergreen trees in southern Asia. It also makes a pretty good soda! Everyone will enjoy trying the cool, sweet flavor of a lychee soda.

No Sugar
Serve the kids a drink that everyone can get excited about. SodaSparkle BFAN-Lychee10 soda mix does not contain added sugars or preservatives. The result is a zero calorie, naturally flavored drink.


  • Model: BFAN-Lychee10
  • Product Type: Bottle-size Lychee Flavor Packs
  • Application: Makes healthy, natural carbonated drinks
  • Product Type: Flavor sticks
  • Product Quantity: 10
  • Product Construction: Packet
  • Compatible Models: SodaSparkle home soda maker
  • Flavors: Lychee
  • Capacity: 1-1.3 liters


  • Exciting way to serve drinks at parties
  • Make a full 1.3 liters with just one packet
  • No preservatives or artificial flavoring, it's a healthy soda alternative
  • Saves money on soda bottles and cans
  • Sweet, exotic lychee flavor everyone will love to try
  • Zero calories and no sugar additives