SodaSparkle BFAN-Tonic Preservative Free Tonic Flavor Packs With 10 Packets
Features Environmentally Friendly Ingredients And Zero Calorie Sweetener

SodaSparkle BFAN-Tonic10 Natural Flavor Sticks

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SodaSparkle BFAN-Tonic10 Natural No Sugar 10 Bottle-size Tonic Flavor Packs
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Entertaining has never been easier than with SodaSparkle BFAN-Tonic preservative free tonic flavor packs. Everyone will enjoy pouring drinks made from these packs.

Great Tonic Flavor
Looking for tonic soda that is natural and delicious? These soda mixes deliver a great, crisp flavor that goes great in cocktails or by itself!

Simple To Use
Put a SodaSparkle BFAN-Tonic soda mix into a SodaSparkle home soda maker and watch the fun begin. It's so easy that even the kids will want to get in on the fun.

Earth Friendly
There is no reason to add bottles and cans to the landfill with an environmentally sound alternative. Add one of these drink mixes to make the drink truly delicious.

Healthy Sucralose Sweetener
With ingredients like these, it is possible to enjoy soda even if you are on a diet. Sucralose sweetener is used instead of sugar so no calories are added. There are also no preservatives, artificial flavoring, or coloring.


  • Model: BFAN-Tonic10
  • Product Type: Bottle-size Tonic Flavor Packs
  • Application: Mix sodas that zero calorie and preservative free
  • Product Type: Flavor sticks
  • Product Quantity: 10
  • Product Construction: Packet
  • Compatible Models: SodaSparkle home soda maker
  • Flavors: Tonic
  • Capacity: 1-1.3 liters


  • Dieting easy with calorie free, sugarless soda options
  • Eliminate clutter from the pantry
  • Enjoy a personal drink or serve the whole family
  • Includes 10 flavor packs; thats over 10 liters of soda!
  • Serve drinks in style at parties
  • Uses only natural flavoring for a healthy experience