SecureRepair SRW-DOP3YU800 3-Year Service Repair Protection Plan
Offering a No Lemon Guarantee and Power Surge Protection


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SecureRepair 3-Year Date of Purchase Warranty $501-$800
Availability: Discontinued
List Price: $ 139.99
Price Break: $40.00
Our Price: $99.99

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We want your business! To do this we offer full 30 day NO-WORRY RETURNS so you can order with confidence! We also ship most orders the same day since we actually warehouse our products unlike our competitors. And if you have any questions we have real people to talk to!


Don't decide you need a warranty after it's too late. With the SecureRepair SRW-DOP3YU800 warranty your products will be replaced if they can't be fixed under the no lemon guarantee. Under this service agreement you'll enjoy 3 years of coverage from the date of purchase for your product under $800. Other benefits include parts and labor at no extra charge, power surge protection, and helpful customer support. Buy a warranty now or you'll probably regret it later.

Also, registering your product couldn't be easier. You'll receive an email directing you to the product registration page. Just fill in your information and send it back within 10 days of your purchase. Then you'll be covered.


  • Model: SRW-DOP3YU800
  • Product Type: 3-Year Date of Purchase Warranty
  • Application: Great warranty for products from $501-$800 starting the date of purchase for 3 years
  • Warranty Length: 3 years
  • Includes Parts and Labor : Yes
  • Conditions: Product costs less than $1,500


  • Featuring protection even if there is damage due to a power surge
  • Friendly and helpful customer support staff
  • High quality repairs from a factory authorized service center
  • Parts and labor are included at no extra charge
  • Registering your product(s) couldn't be more easy
  • The no lemon guarantee ensures that if your unit can't be repaired it will be replaced