Tired of your old, over-calcified shower head that sprays that uncomfortable jet of water straight in your face? Our Shower Head Filters prevent this morning struggle and give you a chlorine free downpour that you're sure to enjoy. These Shower Heads come as package deals with filter and shower head included. Shower filters alone are also available.

For Softer Hair and Smoother Skin, try a Shower Head Filter!  Millions own water filters that remove chlorine from drinking water. But 50% of chlorine exposure occurs in the shower. Do you bathe in tap water? Un-filtered shower water can increase exposure to chlorine by absorption through the skin and by inhalation of chlorine vapors. When Chlorine is heated, it produces a chlorine gas that can creep into and irritate your lungs. Patented Chlorgon Water Purification media filters chlorine for softer hair and smoother skin. Now you can fight brittle hair, dry skin and dandruff - where health and beauty begin - right in your shower.