Sodastream 1017512019 Genesis Home Soda Maker Starter Kit with 30 Second Operating Time
Features a Drip Tray for Easy Cleaning and Makes up to 60 Liters of Soda


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Sodastream 1017512019 Genesis Home Soda Maker Starter Kit
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Our Price: $99.99

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Save money and help protect the earth from pollution with the Sodastream 1017512019 Genesis! The home soda maker starter kit eliminates the need for you to constantly buy more plastic bottles and soda cans with its reusable plastic bottles that can last as long as 3 years.


You can adjust how much carbonation goes into your seltzer, as well as what flavors you want to add for delicious soda that matches your tastes.

Complete Soda Making Kit
The Sodastream Genesis starter kit includes a soda maker, a carbonator, and two BPA-free plastic bottles.

Simple to Use
The Genesis is extremely easy to use. Simply fill the carbonator with tap or filtered water, place it in the soda maker, and pump the button as many times as you want.

Pennies Per Serving
Not only is the Sodastream Genesis home soda maker starter kit efficient, but it is also economical. No electricity means you don't have to worry about bills and extra fees adding up!


  • Model: 1017512019
  • Product Type: Home Soda Maker Starter Kit
  • Product Dimensions: 9.31" x 5.31" x 16.75"
  • Product Weight: 3.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Red
  • Application: Ideal for making sparkling water/seltzer at home or on-the-go
  • Construction: Plastic
  • Includes Carbon Cylinder: Yes
  • Carbon Cylinder Capacity (Liters of Soda): 60 liters of soda
  • Operating Time: 30 seconds
  • Electricity Required For Operation: No
  • Includes Containers: Yes
  • Number of Containers: 2
  • Container Construction: BPA-Free Plastic
  • Container Capacity (Liters): 1 liters
  • Recyclable Container: Yes
  • Container Seal Type: Hermetically sealed caps
  • Includes Soda Flavors: Yes
  • Access Gas Release Mechanism: Automatic
  • Drip Tray: Yes


  • Can be used with regular tap water or filtered water
  • Carbonator makes up to 60 L of soda
  • Comes with customizable carbonation level for optimized personalization
  • Creates no pollution - bottles are reusable and recyclable
  • Make seltzer in less than a minute without the use of electricity
  • Operates for just pennies per serving