Soleus LX-140 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner With Built-In Heat Pump
Features 525 Square Feet Coverage Area and Utilizes Evaporative Technology for Increased Cooling Efficiency - VALUE GROUND SHIPPING!


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Soleus LX-140 14,000 BTU Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner
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Enhance your home comfort levels with the Soleus LX-140 portable air conditioner!  Through independent tests, this 14,000 BTU AC has been shown to easily cool areas up to 525 square feet, making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and other medium to large spaces.  Four-in-one technology also allows the Soleus LX-140 portable air conditioner to function as an air conditioner, heater, dehumidifier and fan. Evaporative technology also enhances cooling efficiency and decreases the amount of condensate collected in the tank. 

Heavy-Duty, Commercial-Grade Design
The LX-140 features a heavy-duty, commercial-grade design and is among the industry's most efficient portable air conditioners available. 

Multi-Seasonal Use
This portable air conditioner has a built-in heat pump and doubles as a 12,000 BTU space heater in the winter.  It also dehumidifies and ventilates your space, making it perfect for year-round use. 

No Permanent Installation Required
No permanent installation is needed for efficient cooling, heating and dehumidifying. Simply vent the LX-140 portable air conditioner out of a window, drop ceiling or wall with the included window kit and enjoy cooling in minutes!

24-Hour Programmable Timer
A 24 hour programmable timer on the LX-140 portable air conditioner allows you to save energy and receive the correct amount of cooling or heating.

Widespread Airflow
The 3 speed fan with WaveFlo oscillation spreads air throughout a wider area.

Additional Bonus Features
Other features include multi-color VFD display technology, heavy duty caster wheels, an energy efficient dual motor design, and a remote control.


  • Model: LX-140
  • Product Type: 14,000 BTU Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner
  • Product Dimensions: 19.00" x 17.50" x 32.75"
  • Product Weight: 82.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: White
  • Application: For cooling and heating areas up to 525 square feet
  • Type: Portable Air Conditioner
  • Coverage Area: 525 square feet
  • Heater: Yes
  • Voltage: 115 volts
  • Air Flow: 225 CFM
  • Watts: 1390 watts
  • Heating Capacity: 14200 BTUs
  • Amps: 12.5 amps
  • Cooling Capacity: 14000 BTUs
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Cooling Operating Temperature: 60.8-107.6°F
  • Noise Level: 46 dB
  • Heating Operating Temperature: 23-89.6°F
  • Certifications: ETL
  • Dehumidifying Capacity: 60 pints
  • EER: 10
  • Heat Pump: Yes
  • Number of Fan Speeds: 3
  • Programmable Timer: Yes
  • Timer Length: 24-hour
  • Refrigerant Type:
  • Recommended Room Size: 400-525
  • Air Conditioner Type: Cool/Heat
  • Hose Type: Double
  • Auto-Evaporative System: Yes
  • Fan Only Option: Yes
  • Adjustable Air Louvers: Yes
  • Automatic Air Louvers: Yes
  • Automatic Restart: No
  • Air Filter: Yes
  • Built-In Air Purification System: No
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Designed for Commercial Use: No


  • Advanced color VFD display screen results in easier operation and better readability
  • Great choice for cooling or heating areas up to 525 square feet
  • Heat pump technology uses less energy
  • Offers a perfect combination of power, quality and style
  • WaveFlo oscillation distributes air in larger areas

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Real Customer Testimonials

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Name: bob
Date: 10/17/2012
Location: seattle, wa
Overall Rating:

Comments: Soleus LX-140 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner With Built-In Heat Pump. using it primarily for heat in a poorly insulated older house with electric baseboard heat. last winter my heating bill was HALF using this. however in order to be useful as a heat source you MUST put it on a base at least about 12" off the floor and install a drain hose to the outside because the tank will fill up in a matter of hours without it.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: Bayerguy
Date: 07/19/2012
Location: Lubbock, TX
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Portable A/C unit
Comments: Works great at regulating the temp in a cold storage area.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: Paul T
Date: 08/26/2011
Location: Oklahoma
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Soleus LX-140 for garage
Comments: I installed the Soleus LX-140 in my 24 X 30 garage. The garage is very well insulated both in the attic and walls. The garage is 720 sq. ft. so it does not cool it down a lot, but it also has been over 100 degrees for the last month. It was easy to install and set up.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: Glyn
Date: 08/24/2011
Location: Cuba, NY
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Great so far.
Comments: So far, we've only used it as an air conditioner. As long as we weren't trying to air condition a very large space, it was fine. It cooled us on the really hot days. It dehumidified the air as well during those hot days. The weather has not been cold enough for us to try the heat pump options on it, but we're anxious to try.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: unhappy
Date: 07/27/2011
Location: Cato,NY
Overall Rating:

Comments: It doesn't cool very well at all! We ended up having to put a window conditioner in and thats what we were trying to avoid doing. Not sure about the heater part of it. the one good thing is that you don't have to empty the water very often or that would be a little of a pain in the butt!!!
Recommend to Friend: No
Name: Joyce
Date: 07/18/2011
Location: Pompton Lakes, nj
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Soleus is #1
Comments: I bought a Soleus LX-140 last year for our upstairs bedroom. I love the exhaust system for the high humidity days NJ can have. No need to empty reservoir tanks on a regular basis. It was 18 months before the emergency tank needed to be emptied. Fast, easy, and back in use in no time. I have since replaced our downstairs unit with another Soleus.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Date: 07/06/2011
Location: London, KY
Overall Rating:

Review Title: GOOD AC
Comments: plugged it in about 3 weeks ago and its purred ever since. Use it in a server room keeps it very cool. The only thing i dont like is the unit never kicks off like my last one did. I think it has something to do with the new type of coolant the r410A the last one used R12 and was cooler.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: Debbie
Date: 07/01/2011
Location: Cato,NY
Overall Rating:

Comments: It does not cool my place down as much as we were hoping!The dehumidifier part works really good!We have not been able to try the heater part yet. As far as noise I dont think its that loud.
Recommend to Friend: No
Name: Joseph
Date: 06/04/2011
Location: NYC
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Soleus LX-140
Comments: My wife & I recently purchased the Soleus LX-140 in an effort to comply with our building's air conditioner regulations. Overall, the LX-140 seems to be a good AC unit. The unit was extremely easy to install and I had it operational in a short period of time. This will also allow seasonal installation & repositioning an easier and safer task. Although it cools the living room and kitchen to a comfortable temperature, I feel the LX-140 takes a little longer to accomplish this when compared to our older AC window unit. In addition, the LX-140 is also slightly louder than our older conventional window unit. Despite these two issues, I would highly recommend the Soleus LX-140. My only recommendation would be for Soleus to add some sort of plastic or wire mesh/netting to the kit so the owner could prevent the possibility of the window mounted intake/ exhaust vents & hoses from becoming a bird sanctuary.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: Monte Kenney - Network Manager
Date: 05/16/2011
Location: Brimfield, IL
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Great Product
Comments: We needed a solution for a small room that had some network equipment in it. It was internal to the building and had no vents. SO we put this machine in the room and put the vent into the wall and up to the roof. It has kept the room cool from day one and my network equipment has been cooled every since. Worked just as advertised. Great Machine.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: Denis Grimard
Date: 05/16/2011
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Great Product and attachments
Comments: The unit worked right out of the box. The attachments included for the window and the flexible ducts made it a very practical and easy installation. Works great for both cooling or heating.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: Kathy
Date: 09/03/2010
Location: Swansboro, NC
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Best investment we've made
Comments: We have a 450 s/f glass enclosed sunroom with French doors going from our home to the sunroom. Our a/c - heat pump is not large enough to cool both the house and the sunroom. We purchased the Soleus LX-140 to supplement our home unit and are thrilled with the ease of installation and the efficiency of the unit. It cooled the room within 20 minutes and now we can finally open the French doors to the sunroom! We haven't used the heat function as of yet as the outdoor temp has been average 90 degrees every day. Thank you Air-n-Water for hassle free ordering process, & prompt shipping.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: Randall
Date: 07/19/2010
Location: Incline Village, NV
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Good cooling.
Comments: Good cooling of my loft style bedroom even with nearly 500 sq ft and 15 ft ceeling and the open loft. Been starting it about an hour before bed on high and the bedroom has been nice and cool by the time I am ready to head to bed. It was a good buy for sure. Delivered in 2 days.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: amp
Date: 07/07/2010
Location: St. Michael, MN.
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Great Product!
Comments: We are using the Soleus in our small cabin up north. We have used all its features including the heater for those cold mornings this last spring. The auto feature we especially like since the temperatures can fluctuate a lot up north and this product will give us heat in the morning and go into air conditioning automatically as the day heats up if it is needed. The fan runs a little noisy but that's a small price to pay when the heat and humidity are way up there and you're trying to stay comfortable in a small cabin. It was very easy to install. We're glad we purchased this product.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: levans
Date: 06/11/2010
Location: West Bloomfield, MI
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Quality Service
Comments: Used to supplement central air conditioning for a phone switch room. Rep I talked to very professional, tried to make sure I understood ALL the product features. We needed the item right away, cost of next-day air seemed a bit high, but acceptable given the discount available that day. Unit arrived before noon the next day, we put it in and it hasn't blinked since. Since the unit is a heat pump, virtually no moisture in the exhaust air. Thank you!!!
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: amp
Date: 06/09/2010
Location: Saint Michael, MN
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Working well!!
Comments: We bought the Soleus LX-40 for out small cabin up north. The heat portion works well to take off the chill in the mornings the temp dips down. The thermostat feature works well too! We haven't used the air conditioner yet but we know it will do a good job. We have used the fan at night and it has proved to be a welcomed thing to help move the air in the loft. Installation in the window was a snap! Thanks for a great product.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: Kevin
Date: 06/01/2010
Location: Pasadena, MD
Overall Rating:

Review Title: No Problems So Far
Comments: Using it to cool my family room. Works good. Haven't used the heater because of the weather. The only thing that I do not like is you have to drain the water a lot.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: Helen
Date: 05/24/2010
Location: Birmingham, MI
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Machine ruined my wooden floor and carpeting
Comments: This machine is described as having no buckets to empty. This is not true!! Within three days, we awakened to a flooded floor with the bucket light illuminated. We exchanged the machine for no less than 3 machines, which all did the same thing. However, with the other two machines, we had learned to have a catcher underneath for the water. We have since reverted back to a window unit. The floor is ruined and so is the carpet, so the machine is definitely not recommended.
Recommend to Friend: No
Name: JT
Date: 05/14/2010
Location: Essex, VT
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Haven't used it much yet
Comments: Purchased a portable AC for our masterbedroom. We have not had to use the AC yet, but have used the fan. The unit is remarkably quiet and the vent kit works well in our sliding door. The whole thing looks kind of like an R2D2 unit from Star Wars. Hopefully we won't have any 85 degree nights in our bedroom this summer.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: Scott
Date: 01/27/2010
Location: Jacksonville, Fl
Overall Rating:

Review Title: PERFECT!
Comments: This unit started cooling as soon as I turned it on. My temp gun showed temps coming out of the unit in the low 30F range (Only for a few seconds as I was just making sure it was working before I fully installed it. Also I'm not saying it gets the room that cold but does pump out very cold air to keep your room cool). The quality is great, even the accessories. I had the New Air 1400 and it was CRAP! I use it to keep my snake room (36 heaters in all and ranging heater temp is 83F and also a bay window facing south) from getting to hot! So far I am happy with the unit.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: A. Suits
Date: 08/25/2007
Location: Bronx, NY
Overall Rating:

Comments: My parents love their portable air conditioner. As a matter fact, the portable air conditioner does such a good job cooling their room that they need a blanket at night because it gets too cold.