Soleus Portable Air Conditioners: Innovative Technology

leaf-dropSoleus Air specializes in air conditioners and strives to make innovative and energy efficient models. All of their portable air conditioner models include an astounding list of features. Soleus is quick to incorporate any new tools that make their products better and easier to use. The brand is built on quality and convenience for customers.




Eco-Friendly Features

soleus-green-initiativeStarting this year, Soleus is using R-410a refrigerant in all of its air conditioners. This is a transition from using R-22, which has been found to release hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) into the atmosphere. HCFCs destroy the ozone, Earth's protection from the full force of the Sun.

Soleus is actively developing its Green Program, where it seeks to add innovations that will save energy. Soleus is particularly focuses on ever increasing the efficiency of its portable air conditioners, reducing wasted energy and in many cases saving money for the consumer. A product that uses less electricity for the same cooling power brings the energy bill lower.

Durable Frame

Soleus portable air conditioners are built to be durable and sturdy. They come with heavy-duty casters on the bottom so the machine can be pushed from room to room. Most of their air conditioners come with window kits so the machines can be installed in sliding glass doors. The casings of the air conditioners are commercial grade and will not crack or melt with heat.

Soleus LX-120

soleus-lx120The Soleus LX-120 features 4-in-1 technology, it's an air conditioner, dehumidifier, heater, and fan. The air conditioner cools at 12,000 BTUs and has Waveflo oscillation on the louvers to ensure excellent circulation. It uses dual-hose technology for exhaust and also includes a water tank to capture excess liquid in humid climates. The Soleus LX has a brushed metal exterior, color display, and a remote control.

Soleus PE2-07R-62DB

Soleus-PE2The Soleus PE2-07R-62DB is also built with the same commercial grade strength as all of Soleus's air conditions. It operates quietly at less than 40 dB, has a capacity of 7,000 BTUs, and has the same 4-in-1 technology as the Soleus LX-120. The fan feature has 2 speeds and helps circulate air for air conditioning and heating purposes. The Soleus PE2-07R-62DB includes a 24-hour time, sleep mode, and uses evaporative technology. The Soleus PE2-07R-62DB is compact, with only a 13" x 22" footprint.

Soleus LX-140

lx-140-160The Soleus LX-140 is an equally powerful air conditionerand heater thanks to its 14,000 BTU capacity. The simple white casing hides its advanced smart chip technology, which allows you to program a start/stop time, temperature, and other settings which will be preserved even in the event of a power outage. The Soleus LX-140 has a bright, vivid display with easy-to-use buttons. This one machine can also be used as an oscillating fan and an air filter.