Sprite HOB-CM High-Output Shower Filter
Combines High-Peformance and Easy Operation Into One Unit that Removes all Traces of Chlorine and its Vapors


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Sprite Industries HOB-CM Shower Filter
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The HOB-CM High-Output shower filter by Sprite Industries uses patented Chlorgon technology to filter your bathroom shower water clean. With this filter you can reduce that ugly scale build-up that may be a problem on your bathroom tiles due to hard water. Plus, when heated, chlorine can turn into hazardous vapors that will damage health in the shower.

However, with the HOB-CM filter these vapors are eliminated leaving your hair, skin, nails, and health in better shape and safe from the subtle dangers that many are not aware of in the shower.


The filter can be purchased as an entire shower package with a matching showerhead as well in the showerhead category, under the HO-WHM, available in chrome, white, or gold or the HOB-CMA in polished brass. With this model filter you can still use the showerhead you have and simply add the purifying benefits of the HOB-CM High Output filter to it.

Order your Sprite High-Output HOB-CM today, for a healthier and purer way of showering!


  • Model: HOB-CM
  • Product Type: Shower Filter
  • Product Dimensions: 8.00" x 4.00" x 6.00"
  • Product Weight: 2.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Chrome
  • Application: Removes chemicals from your shower water, ideal for color-treated hair
  • Construction: Metal,
  • Contaminates Removed/Reduced: Chlorine, Iron Oxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Sediment, Heavy Metals,
  • Disposable: No
  • Filter Media Type: Chlorgon, KDF-55 (Copper-Zinc),
  • Filter Life: 1 year
  • Replacement Cartridge Type: HOC refill
  • Includes Extension Arm: No
  • Massage Option: No


  • Because It Is Only The Filter, You Can Keep Your Old Showerhead And Still Receive The Benefits Of Cleaner, Pure Water
  • Chlorine And Other Impurities Will Be Eliminated From Your Shower Water, Improving Your Hair, Skin, And Nails
  • The High-Output Has A Guaranteed Longer Life Than The Average Shower Filter With Ultra-High Strength Housing
  • You Will Not Be Breathing In Harmful Chlorine Vapors While You Are In The Shower
  • Polished Brass or Chrome Will Improve Your Bathroom Decor!

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Name: John
Date: 06/24/2010
Location: Washington, DC
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Works great!
Comments: This definitely works as advertised and took seconds to install! I live in Washington DC where water has high chlorine and mineral content and noticed the difference immediately after the first shower. I used to get dry skin or minor irritations now and then, but no more!
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: M. Holeves
Date: 06/15/2010
Location: Severn, MD
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Easy to Install, Even for Plumbingphobes Like Me
Comments: This model screwed right into the shower head without difficulty. It made my hair noticeably shinier and softer immediately (on the first use). It's also great that the filter lasts for a year.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: Johnny
Date: 06/13/2010
Location: Baltimore, MD
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Filter didn't last long
Comments: This was an excellent filter at first, but within two months the filter had lost all effectiveness. Very disappointing.
Recommend to Friend: No
Name: JT
Date: 05/28/2010
Location: Washington, DC
Overall Rating:

Review Title: Excellent product!
Comments: I noticed the difference immediately after the first shower. The water in DC has been drying out mine and my wife's skin/hair and I tried a different shower filter last year with little effect. This one definitely works good! Air & Water was by far the best price I found.
Recommend to Friend: Yes
Name: D. Yanarella
Date: 04/09/2009
Location: New Windsor, NY
Overall Rating:

Comments: I bought the above Filter for my son's home in Las Vegas NV. I have one of these filter units in my NY home and it works great and is of high quality. It was in perfect condition as expected. HIGH quality, Best unit I have seen. I presently own one filter already and it is beyond expectations for High Quality which I desire in all my purchases. I always seek the highest quality items I can find. I usually buy ONE, and if it is to my high quality expectations, I will buy that again. This filter is the BEST I have ever seen.
Name: J. Snodgrass
Date: 06/01/2008
Location: Austin, TX
Overall Rating:

Comments: I purchased this product because I wanted a filter for the shower that filtered chlorine. A friend also recommended your website. When I received the product, I felt that it was solid and not flimsy. I would recommend this product as it definitely makes a difference in the smell and feel of the water.
Name: C. Premo
Date: 09/23/2006
Location: Seattle, WA
Overall Rating:

Comments: Fantastic. My husband and I have already seen drastic improvements in our skin and our hair.