Wine Coolers for Summer Wines

Don't Pine for Wine with a Summer Wine Cooler!whitewine-2

The first day of summer in the United States, also known as the Summer Solstice, is fast approaching this June 21st,  but what does this mean for you? Well, to any wine connoisseur or appreciator of wine this means the start of a season full of delicious, chilled summer wines to sweeten the palate!

Don't miss out on a wide assortment of fresh summer wines because you don't have a proper place to store these sleeping beauties - invest in a summer wine cooler!

Discover a wine cooler now!

Chill Out with Wine Coolers

With the temperatures slowly climbing to top that 90° F mark, the mature person in your may want a more sophisticated way to cool off that doesn't include a juice box and straw. Chilled summer wines are an excellent choice for the erudite adult you are.

What is a wine cooler, you might ask? Why it is an easy and convenient way for the wine enthusiast to chill and store wine for today, tomorrow, and years down the road. Wine coolers also offer versatility with single, dual or triple temperature zones.

For your summer wine collection, you can choose to keep all the temperature zones cold for whites, light reds, sparklings, roses, and even champagne. However, you can also keep a year-round collection by setting the temperatures slightly warmer, for optimal storage.

Wine coolers also take away all the guess work with temperature, meaning that you won't have to waste time placing your bottle in and out of the refrigerator in-between checks with a wine thermometer.

A Wine Cooler by Any Other Name

As Shakespeare once wrote for his star-crossed lover, Juliet, "a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet," the wine cooler by any other name is just as good at storing your collection. This is great, since it means that shopping for your wine cooler is an easy task! You may have heard the terms wine refrigerator or wine cellar and thought them something entirely separate, but these are just synonyms for the classic wine cooler.

Don't be tricked into paying more for a fancier term! The same almost always applies to the brand of your wine cooler. Whether it is a Haier wine refrigerator, a Vinotemp wine cellar, or a NewAir wine cooler they all function is near identical ways.

You can also do research for specific features, but in the end if price is what matters then go for one that fits your budget. You won't be disappointed if you spend less as long as your wine is served up chilled and delectable!

Who Needs a Summer Wine Cooler?6463-11m

As we learned earlier, wine coolers are ideal for summer wines as they can be adjusted down to quite crisp temperatures. Traditionally, once the wine left the barrel, folks would keep them in the best possible conditions: down in their dank cellars below ground. Today, most of us do not have a basement large and cool enough to transform into our own personal wine cellar.

Many of us don't even have a basement. Thus, a wine cooler takes the place of this traditional method in a modern world.

Even those who do have a cellar or basement may want to consider the wine cooler for practical reasons. Having a summer wine collection of white, pink, and sparkling wines will always require chilling. Keeping a wine cooler in your kitchen or dining area is a great way to always have a bottle readily on hand.

Summer Wine Cooler Compliments

Not only is having a summer wine cooler to store your chilled summer wines ideal for beating the heat, but they also make great accompaniments to seasonal summer food. Imagine grilling up a delicious burger with local market ingredients and pairing it with a crisp glass of red Valpolicella Classico from Veneto, Italy! The sharp taste of summer berries in the wine will harmonize with the mellow flavors of your burger.

Or consider a fresh helping of steamed salmon with a dreamy serving of Vinho Verde, a Portuguese white wine, to refresh your taste buds while complimenting the simplicity of your meal!

Mmmm, thirsty yet? Search for yourwine cooler today!