Make Swamp Coolers Work for You!

How to Use a Swamp Cooler in 3 Easy LessonsSwamp Coolers

In the past, many people have complained about their swamp cooler. Complaints for swamp coolers ranged from unbearable humidity to a swampy smells. Lets take a closer look at these complaints and see how to avoid two of the most common swamp cooler issues in three easy lessons!

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Swamp Coolers and Computers

The swamp cooler takes its somewhat unflattering name from the fact that it uses moisture, evaporation, to cool and moisten the air that passes through it. Swamp cooler are great for people since the added moisture in the air freshens skin, clears nasal passages, and makes it easier to breathe. However, when it comes to swamp coolers and technology things get a little trickier.

Once there was a man who called to complain that her swamp cooler had ruined her computers. It had been the unbearable humidity the swamp cooler created - according to him - but what really happened? Well, to start he decided to use her swamp cooler in her small, enclosed server room - a room full of computers!

Swamp coolers generate moisture, although not enough to make things uncomfortable for people, they can damage technology if kept locked up. This clueless guy closed his server room and left the swamp cooler without the ventilation of an open door or window. The humidity rose and his hardware was no more.

Lesson #1: Swamp coolers make poor choices for server and computer rooms since they raise humidity levels (add moisture to the air) for items that are sensitive to it. A much better choice would have been a portable air conditioner rather than a portable swamp cooler.

Lesson #2: Swamp coolers need ventilation! The swamp coolers work best near an open window or door. Since they continuously sweep air flow around the room, they need plenty of fresh air to do it (not unlike air conditioners). Make sure your swamp coolers can breathe.

Swamp Coolers and SmellsSwamp Coolers

A little less brought up, but when mentioned, people are quite unhappy when they discover a smelly swamp cooler! "It smells like fish," one woman said. Alas, that has much to do with her. Swamp cooler pads are not much different than many other filters - from the filter type in your air conditioner to the kind in your vacuum cleaner- and need regular changing or cleaning.

Cooler pads were traditionally made from wood wool, like aspen wood fiber, although today plastics and melamin paper are substituted. These absorb water in order to cool passing air to a relaxing lower temperature.

It may seem like a lot of trouble, but you wouldn't refuse to change your vacuum's bag until it exploded. Refreshing your swamp cooler's cooling pad is a natural part of owning swamp coolers and ensures a fresher scent in your home.

Lesson #3: Routinely clean your swamp cooler's cooling pad. Swamp coolers don't try their best to make your home smell like a fish market, but what would you expect from months of damp, dirty unchanged filters!

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