10 Reasons to Use a Swamp Cooler

Evaporative swamp coolers are an excellent solution to keeping your home comfortable when the weather is hot. These simple machines use the natural process of evaporation to cool ambient air.

Swamp coolers work by pushing outdoor air through water soaked pads, which enables the process of evaporation. Evaporation requires heat energy, which is drawn from the heat in the air. The cooled air is then blown throughout the room. This diagram illustrates how the evaporative cooling process works.


1. Cost-effective green-piggybank

Swamp coolers are uber-efficient with energy. They cost pennies a day to operate because they use so little electricity. Buying an evaporative cooler is much less costly than installing central air conditioning unit. In addition, virtually all swamp coolers also come with filters to purify air so there's the added benefit of cleaner air without having to purchase a separate air purifier.

2. Environmentally friendly

green-bulb-turbinesSwamp coolers use 75% less energy than central air conditioning. This means you can significantly reduce the amount of energy used by simply by using one. You can further decrease your carbon footprint by purchasing an evaporative cooling model with a programmable timer. That way, you can ensure you aren't excessively running it while no one's home.

Additionally, older air conditioners use ozone-destroying refrigerant R-22. Evaporative coolers lower temperature using only pure water. In many regions that are suitable for evaporative cooling, the green technology is overwhelmingly un-used. Getting a swamp cooler could inspire your neighbors to choose a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Think of your air conditioning choice as an opportunity to be a trailblazer!

3. Cools with a different feel than ACs

Air from an evaporative swamp cooler has a colder feel, because it has higher humidity. This results in a refreshing moist, cool feeling as opposed to the dry air produced by central air conditioners. This extra moisture quenches your skin and is excellent for indoor plants.

4. Perfect for dry climates

Although a drawback for those in humid climates, swamp coolersare ideal for climates that are dry. Any region with a relative humidity of 50% or less is considered dry. The reason a dry climate is required is because when humidity is high, the air is already close to being saturated with water. Therefore, water can't be evaporated with as much efficiency.

5. Lowers the temperature in several ways

  • Room Temperature: The cool air circulating in the room lowers room temperature.
  • Body Heat: The rapid motion of air over your body increases evaporation on the surface of your skin, lowering your effective body temperature.
  • Radiated Heat: This flow of air also adsorbs heat from objects in the room, reducing radiated heat.

6. Cool where you need it

Swamp coolersthat use a direct line of water can be installed anywhere near a water source. Models that don't draw from a water line can be placed anywhere! The non-permanent installation also allows for the option of bringing it with you when if you move or travel. Additionally, it allows for the evaporative cooler to be shipped back to the manufacturer should it need a repair under warranty.

7. Uses proven technology

red-buttonsThe elemental technology behind swamp coolers has been used for hundreds of years. Before the advent of evaporative coolers, people with screened-in porches used methods to cool down the air to be able to sleep through scorching Southern summers. People would hang soaked sheets inside their screened in porches and use fans to pull air through the fabric.

The same basic principles of pulling air through moist, fibrous material are used in swamp coolers. Modern evaporative coolers take these tried and true techniques and pair them with modern efficiency.

8. Low-Maintenance

Taking care of the machine entails periodically wiping away dust off the surface of the machine and maintaining water levels. As with anything that has air passing through it, the cooling pads and filters also need to be cleaner or replaced on occasion. Overall, the small unit is much less labor intensive and expensive to take care of over the years.

9. Easier Repairs

The only mechanical parts are the fan motor and the water pump, which can often be fixed by a handy homeowner. Both repairs are relatively inexpensive should they require an outside contractor. The difference between having to repair a central air conditioning unit and an evaporative could be thought of as the difference between an invasive and a non-invasive surgery.

10. Increased air circulation

Traditional air conditioning systems work best with the windows closed, and the same air gets recirculated time after time. Evaporative coolers work best with an open window. The mechanism used in swamp coolers makes the air circulate in your house 1-3 times per minutes, constantly exchanging stale air for fresh air.