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How to Make Peace with this Oxymoronic Relationship

As we all know, being vegan can be tough in a world of meat and dairy. The onslaught of slaughtered animal product placement pounces from around every grocery store aisle and restaurant menu. At home we find sanctuary...alas, this  palpable choice is often palatable boredom. Certainly dinners are stimulating with the aid of spices, but dessert is often left in the dust of the driest desert. Vegan oatmeal cookie? Uninspired. Raw foods? Please, don't. It's hot outside and another dry brownie recipe just won't satisfy. What's the vegan to do?

Ice Cream Makers

Ice cream makers, despite a name already foreboding, can be a vegan's choice confection of comfort with the right knowledge. It's true that you can buy vegan ice cream at the store, but some of us prefer to be the master of our nutritional intake.

Making ice cream at home has long been a dear domestic pursuit during long, hot summer days. Traditionally, armed with your hand-crank ice cream maker, salt, and some cow's milk you made the creamy stuff after sweating off the calories you were about to ingest. Today, one can enjoy the benefits of electric ice cream makers, a couch, and some reading material.

If you're a traditionalist, there are still many ice cream makers which provide the look and feel of ye olde bucket, but equipped with a hidden motor. Others come in space-aged stainless steel or lingering designs from sleek mid-century ideals. You have a small kitchen, you say? No matter as there are compact, portable ice cream makers available to you. Energy bills are too high already? Perfect! You'll love the cordless kind you place in the freezer.

Curious about the different kinds? Click to view a few examples of the latest ice cream makers on the market. Along with all this technological marvel, for the fruitarian, there are just as many alternatives to cream and milk to accompany your robotic muscle! Continue reading if you wish to make peace with your ice cream maker .

Coconut Milk Based Ice Cream

Using ice cream makers to make non-dairy ice cream is so simple you may begin to ponder why you hadn't thought of it before. Cheaper, healthier (in many cases) and fun, making vegan ice cream in an ice cream maker will be your new modus operandi for deliciousness.

To begin, travel not far from cow's milk to coconut milk. Or coconut cream. Or both. These creamy bases are derived from the meat - fear not - of a mature coconut. It's rich in taste and consistency, making it the perfect ice cream foundation. Try this recipe to start, but fair warning, there is a gratuitous amount of coconut involved:

Lavender Coconut Ice Cream

2 cups of coconut milk

2 cups of coconut water

.5 cups of coconut oil

2 tablespoons of vanilla extract

1 cup of agave syrup or sugar

3 tablespoons of dried lavender

Combine all ingredients together and pour into your ice cream maker. Relax. Then enjoy.

Nut or Soy Based Ice Cream

Too much fat? Another creamy alternative is to use a nut milk, such as almond which is currently very popular and easy to obtain, or soy. Unsweetened almond milk is quite nutritious, providing high amounts of protein and fiber. It is also free from the chains of cholesterol and saturated fat that restrict the dieter.

Similarly, soy milk or soy yogurt brings with it zero cholesterol and a competitive proportion of protein to cow's milk - without getting the cow involved. Ice cream makers work wonders using either of these vegan alternatives. If you are getting ready for a summer evening of the latest romance-vampire flick this recipe would surely bring a bite, even if the movie really sucks.

Blood Orange Ice Cream

2 cups of full soy milk

1 cup of blood orange juice and pulp

1 cup of sugar

2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

Blend and mix all the ingredients together well. Add to your ice cream maker and voila !

Banana Based Ice Cream

By now, you readers and your ice cream makers will be tired of 'milk' bases. Need something a little different? Go for frozen bananas. Simple, cheap, and healthy the banana is a surprising ice cream base in itself. It's already thick for a thicker ice cream. It has a naturally sweetened and creamy texture, as well. Bananas are also fat-, sodium-, and cholesterol-free. Not to mention all of the potassium involved without having to swallow a pill. The banana and the ice cream maker are a perfect pair!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

2 cut and frozen bananas

3 tablespoons of cocoa powder

3 tablespoons of peanut butter

1 tablespoon of sugar if preferred

In a food processor, mix your frozen banana pieces with the cocoa and peanut butter. Add to your ice cream maker on the shortest setting (this will freeze quickly). Remove before it becomes too stiff and enjoy the pure bliss of bananas, chocolate, and peanut butter!

So vegans, hopefully your relationship with your ice cream maker has just warmed up over these favorably flavorful recipes! For more information or if you're currently searching for ice cream makers visit our ice cream makers page!