Window Exhaust Fans Provide a Natural Sleep Aid

Enjoy Rest, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation with Natural Sleep

Are you always grouchy to your spouse, sparking unnecessary arguments? Do you seem to turn into a zombie atwork? Have you noticed the bags under your eyes grow by the day (or rather night) causing you to look older than  your age? More than likely, you're painfully sleep deprived!

In a busy, hectic world that's always frustratingly one-step ahead of you, a good night's rest is essential to your health and beauty. Sleep is the foundation of a happy, healthy life. However, we often have difficulty sleeping at night because of noisy neighbors, humidity and heat, or a lack of fresh oxygen in the room. Insomniacs may also come to realize that their ability to fall asleep (and stay asleep) is also linked to the seasons, especially in highly variable climates.

Sleeping Aids Versus Fresh Air

You may not have known, but breathing properly plays a large part in how well you sleep. Taking expensive prescription drugs that can become addictive is not the best answer for most people. Doctors will recommend that an insomniac try healthy, organic alternatives before writing prescriptions. Imagine having to take yet another muscle relaxant or tranquilizer just to awake in the morning groggy, grumpy, and unsatisfied.

Thus, perfecting your breath is a much better option than drugs and is also a life-long remedy! There are many different ways to improve your breath - yoga, regular fitness routines, breathing exercises, or progressive relaxation techniques - and all are fantastic options.

Unfortunately, sometimes taking the active road is not quite enough. This is where window fans work as a natural sleep aid. You can't possibly be performing exercises and techniques when you're dead-tired lying in bed! Instead, allow a window fan to bring peaceful waves of fresh oxygen into your room. Since fresh, breathable air does wonders for insomnia window fans are a smart investment.

Window Exhaust Fans or Air Conditioners?

What if you already have an air conditioner to cool your home? Well, that's all well and good - at least to start. Air conditioning can be expensive from the get-go and having it blasting all night long can empty your pockets quicker than a trip to Vegas! In addition, air conditioners create higher decibels of noise than fans, consequently working against your goal of a good night's rest.

Air conditioners circulate old air. Unlike window exhaust fans, an air conditioner is most likely dusty and possibly filled with mold! Circulating dull air and possibly inhaling harmful spores, dust mites, and bacteria into your lungs does nothing for your health. If you want to drop off into peaceful slumber window exhaust fans are a much better choice.

Window Exhaust Fans or Traditional Fans?

Now, you might think that using just any old fan in your home would work just as well - not true. If you're home is already suffering from stuffy, uncomfortable air then using a traditional fan to blow it around again does nothing to help you sleep. There is a difference between window fans and regular fans: window exhaust fans actually pull fresh, outdoor air inside. Just like the air conditioner, a plain old fan simply covers you in musty air you could do without!

When Is the Best Time to Use a Window Exhaust Fan?

Naturally, you're investing in a window fan to help you sleep so you'd use the appliance during the night. TheWindow Exhaust Fans fantastic news is that the night is when window fans work optimally! By giving window fans access to the cooler night air you allow a flow of fresh oxygen to enter and circulate around you. The natural sounds of the night act as Mother Nature's personal sleep soundtrack. No traffic, construction, or other obstructions to disturb you.

Window Fans Are Convenient

If you haven't been swayed yet, consider the convenience of small window fans themselves. A window fan will snugly fit in windows of 22 to 34 inches in diameter. They reduce energy costs, are compact, and lightweight when compared to air conditioners. If you leave your bedroom door open, window fans also help to keep a balanced climate in the rest of your home. In addition to drawing in cool air at night, window fans expel hot air from inside during the day. Overall, window fans enhance the air quality and comfort of your home.

This relaxes the body and aids in restful sleep. By learning how to avoid and combat the common enemies of sleep and invest in window fans you are taking a positive step forward in your life. Do you dream of becoming an alert person? A sharp, productive employee? An emotionally balanced partner? Then trust in window fans as an all-natural remedy to sleep deprivation!

Discover window fans to suit your needs today!