2135 Image2Window Fans for Small Windows:
Alternative Cooling at its Best!

If you need an inexpensive way to cool your bedroom, living room, kitchen, ore ven your bathroom consider installing window fans for small windows around the house.

Summer's on the way so temperatures are rising. Cooking in the kitchen, sleeping in the bedroom, even watching TV can be a challenge on hot days and nights. Don't suffer another minute! Window fans designed for windows are a great resource. So if you're looking for a way to add a little extra aeration to your living space keep reading and discover why you should make the investmen ttoday!

Reasons to Install Window Fans in Small Windows

  • Great Ventilation

Window fans are great air circulators. Most models are reversible so as stale air is sucked out, it's replaced with fresh outdoor air. Installing a window fan in a small window rids the room of stuffiness, making it much more comfortable for you and your family. If you have a room that's been closed up, use a window fan to vent the room quickly and effectively.

  • Moisture Control

Window fans in small windows remove excessive moisture. In areas where moisture can be a bit of a problem, window fans act as an exhaust. Use window fans in small windows to suck moisture out and replace it with drier air. So not only are window fans great ventilators getting stale air circulating but they're great exhausts too!

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  • Cooling

Did you know that window fans in small windows can reduce ambient temperatures as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit? Replacing hot indoor air with cooler outdoor air is a great way to feel better when you're indoors. This kind of cooling is perfect while you're sleeping because night air is so much cooler than the hot air that fills your home throughout the day.

  • Easy Installation

Window fans for small windows are really easy to install. Most options include window kits to make it even easier.

    • First, open your window fully. Set the window fan horizontally in a double-hung window opening. If you have a slider window set it vertically with the left side of the fan situated at the bottom of the window opening.
    • Close the window against the fan. The window should rest against the top of the window fan.
    • Pull out the extender panels on each side of the window fan to fit the fan to the window casing. This keeps any uninvited creatures from crawling through the opening on either side of the fan.

If there's an installation kit included with your purchase, use it and follow manufacturer guidelines for any primary installation instructions.

Basically, anyone can install a window fan in a small window. It's really assimple as it sounds.

  • Cost Effective

2137 Image2Another reason to use window fans in small windows is the amount of money you'll save. This fan costs a fraction of what an air conditioner costs -initially and on your utility bill. Keep cool for pennies a day.Window fans are an inexpensive way to beat the summer heat!

A central cooling system costs thousands of dollars and portable units can cost hundreds. The average cost of a window fan starts at about $50.00. Window fans for small windows are as efficient as they come.

  • Supplemental Cooling

If you run a central air conditioning system to stay cool, give the system abreak and use window fans for small windows to create a cool and comfortable environment.

Installing window fans in small windows throughout the house is guaranteed to save you money. You won't have to run your air conditioner to stay cool whileyou're sleeping or watching TV. Why cool rooms that don't need it?

  • Energy Conservation

If you're looking to conserve energy then installing window fans for small spaces is a great way to go! Not only are window fans for small windows inexpensive to buy but they're inexpensive to run too. The energy draw is low, much lower than any air conditioning system out there. So if you're looking fora way to contribute to the green movement this is a great way to do your part.

You can lower energy usage considerably and keep more money in your own pocket. It's a win-win for everyone!

Places to Install Your Window Fans

Window fans for small windows are perfect for a variety of places. I've shown how they're easy to install, cost-effective, and energy efficient. Another benefit is where you can install them.

  • Basement
    Basements are great places for window fans. They'll help control moisture levels and provide enough cooling to keep the space comfortable.
  • Bedroom
    Window fans for small windows are especially great in bedrooms. The primary reason is because they draw in the cool night air to make you feel comfortable while you sleep. No need to run the air conditioner, the fan should meet your need!
  • Kitchen
    Kitchens are great places for window fans too. We all know how hot the kitchen can get in the summer. Cooking, baking or any other activity isn't easy. Since we know that window fans in small windows act as an exhaust, they're a great way to keep the kitchen cool while you make meals.
  • Bathroom
    Window fans are perfect for any bathroom window. As moisture builds, the exhaust draws it out and replaces it with dry outdoor air. Window fans for small windows eliminate mildew causing moisture, making it a necessity for any bathroom without a built-in ceiling exhaust fan.

A Few Additional Thoughts on Window Fans for Small Windows

2155A Image1Use a window fan in any part of the house. Keep your attic free of stale air and control moisture at the same time. Protect family heirlooms and create a comfortable space to rifle through memorabilia, or use one in the laundry room to keep the space from getting too hot. Most laundry rooms are an add-on so they can get warm.

No matter where you install your window fan for small windows, you'll lovethe way they make you feel - cooler and much more comfortable!



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