ZeroWater ZD-013 Water Filter Pitcher with Laboratory Calibrated Water Tester
Reduces the Need for Water Bottles and Bulky Coolers and is Space Efficient for Convenient Water Purification


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ZeroWater ZD-013 5 Stage Water Filter & 8-Cup Pitcher
Availability: Discontinued
List Price: $ 72.95
Price Break: $31.54
Our Price: $41.41


You don't have to tap into your plumber line to get fresh water. You don't even have to buy expensive bottled water or order water delivery when you can have the same water purity in a pitcher like the ZeroWater ZD-013 water filter pitcher!

Ordering water delivery service can cost up to $30 a month, $360 annually for a two-person household. Drinking water bottles alone can cost up to $500 a year! Purified water doesn't have to cost so much with the ZD-013.

Smart Filtration
Unbelievably eco-friendly, the ZD-013 water filtration system uses no electricity or power. It only uses costless gravity and a 5-stage filtration process to remove all impurities from water.

Take Back the Tap
The water bottling industry hurts communities and destroys ecosystems. It is an unnecessary and expensive venue as it takes 7 times the power of water to make one bottle.

Five-Stage Filtration
The ZD-013 includes a laboratory-calibrated water tester called a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter. Its patented Ion Exchange System provides great-tasting water comparable to bottled products.


  • Model: ZD-013
  • Product Type: 5 Stage Water Filter & 8-Cup Pitcher
  • Product Dimensions: 11.00" x 11.00" x 15.00"
  • Product Weight: 4.25 lbs.
  • Product Color: White/Blue
  • Application: Easily purify and pour water at home
  • Certifications: NSF
  • Product Construction: ABS Plastic
  • Capacity in Cups: 8 cups
  • Capacity in Liters: 1.89 liters
  • Contaminants Removed: Chlorine, Heavy Metals
  • Number of Filtration Stages: 5
  • Filtration Cartridges Included: Yes
  • Filter Life: 22.5 gallons
  • Compatible Filtration Cartridges: ZF-201 ZeroWater Replacement Filter
  • Number of Filtration Cartridges Included: 1
  • Includes Water Testing Meter: Yes
  • Testing Meter Requires Batteries for Operation: Yes
  • Batteries Included: Yes
  • Meets FDA Requirements: Yes
  • Includes a Reverse Osmosis Feature: No
  • Dispenser Type: Push Button Dispenser
  • Removable Lid for Refilling : Yes


  • Designed in a convenient pitcher, so simply pour the purified water any enjoy!
  • Five-stage filtration purifies and processes your water using gravity
  • Includes a meter that is laboratory-calibrated that tests the purity of water
  • Includes a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter to test out impurities in water
  • Is the only filtration system that rivals the purity of bottled water (according to the FDA)
  • Saves the environment from the unecessary production, distribution, and waste of water bottles